Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Goodbye, Farewell, So long!

I am officially discontinuing this blog.

I started ZSA when I was still in college. During the quixotic years of 2008, before I had love, before I had a real job, before I even really got over all the crap that brought me into the blogging world. Since then, I've written 555 posts, garnered over 150k pageviews, brought in over 50 dedicated followers, and gotten into more internet drama than I care to admit...

But this blog just isn't really me anymore. I've changed and stayed the same so much that I hardly recognize the guy who started this blog even as much as I am the guy who started this blog.

So it goes.

That said, I'll miss this place. I really will. But now it's really only useful to me as a time-capsule. A collection of words, images, and memories. Most of all memories. I really do love me some nostalgia, some of that sweet, sweet melancholic goodness. But there are things afoot in my life, in my world, in my self, that this blog can't contain anymore.

Also, it's too public. When I started this, nobody knew who I was. Now... everybody and their mom knows who I am. And now, of course, so does Big Brother. (Hello 1984 2014!)

I can't deny a few things in this blog kind of embarrass me. And to those who happen across it, please judge mercifully. I was an idiot and too smart for my own good. I knew too much and too little. I'd suffered too much and was still working on that whole empathy thing... I was a NiceGuy(tm) and at the same a classic BadBoy. I wrote really shitty poetry and thought myself a social scientist. I was in college -- what can I say?

Anyways... I'll miss you ZSA. I'll miss the flame wars even. I'll miss the trolls -- if only because as long as you feed them they always come back! But mostly I'll miss the history, of how this place makes me feel and how this place was, in part, where I grew up all over again.

Now, it's time to move out. Take care everyone...


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