Monday, April 21, 2014

We Need Only be Saved from Ourselves

Sometimes I think it's better to deal in fiction rather than truth. At least you can write better stories than the swill that passes for "fact" among this country's citizenry, aided and abetted by all too often bankrupt journalism and a wholly disenfranchised electorate. They say speak the truth, even if your voice shakes... I say speak the truth and paint it black. Because words are wind that cuts to the bone. I say speak the truth and run. Because truth to power is death. I say speak the truth and never let them see you do it. Else they'll call it lies because fools believe only they could possibly have discovered that the world is round.

Take this rancher, Cliven Bundy, from Nevada. Steals millions from the public by grazing his cattle on public land and refusing to pay the fees for it, just as every single other rancher is required to do. But, as if by magic his thievery is reinspired as revolutionary, as 1776 come again, as a "patriot." How is it patriotic to say you don't acknowledge your own country? This man is a darling of the radical right, and yet, he doesn't accept the United States of America as the legitimate government and is ready to kill/die for that belief.

Extremist barely begins to cover it. Like an unspun lady's skirt. Only this lady is a haggard, toothless crone waving a broken bottle of gin in your face while trying to rob you. Sorry, but that's actually more sympathetic than this sudden standoff deserves.

Take the unbroken collection of domestic terrorists stretching from the initial incarnation of the KKK to the Oklahoma City bombings. Republicans and the Conservative movement fears Muslims like they're some kind of supernatural boogy, but, in reality, the most successful and most dangerous terrorists to America have always been white men, Americans themselves. We should, rightly, be pulling people who look like Paul Ryan and Glenn Beck out of line at the airport; not people who look like Kal Penn or DJ Khaled.

But even that wouldn't make us safer, because, as I've been telling people, racial profiling doesn't work. Prejudice, discrimination, they don't work. Ignorance and bigotry are why the vocal minority of the Conservative movement is quickly moving to the footnotes of history, kicking and screaming like... little piggies.

Back to the point: America is swiftly becoming a oligarchy (if not one already); the voters are either repressed, ignorant, or apathetic; the politicians are either corrupt, cruel, or cowardly; and meanwhile the environment is steadily declining into the point of no return, the point where human life is no longer sustainable on this planet. It's like being on a rotted ship at sea, captained by a pirate, crewed by mutes, and piloted straight toward the biggest fucking iceberg this side of the Titanic.

It's almost enough to make one just say, "fuck it." But, I'm a realist. If the glass is half empty, I get a refill. If the glass is broken, find a new glass I say. If the status quo is fucked, then fuck the status quo. I'd rather go out with a roar than a whimper, y'know. Although, if I can, I'll try not to go at all. I'll try and rage myself to a better place than this present-tense.

If nothing else, it'll give me something to do while the country weathers the storm.


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