Sunday, December 29, 2013

Things That Were Cool But Weren't Are Now Cool But Aren't

Or, in other words: I used to enjoy bicycles, old-timey Swing music, Hanna-Barbera cartoons, fish tacos, slim-fit jeans, and a bunch of other dearly eclectic cultural whatever that, back during those oh-so-not Elysian high school years was definitively "Not Cool Bro."

But now? A mustachioed hipster gets them tattooed to their chesticles for the delight of a faux-mustachioed hipsterette who thinks eccentric is cool now. It's like watching Freaks & Geeks season 2: All Growned Up. Where John Francis Dailey's character is basically suicidal because James Franco tweets that he plays D&D (but can't tell us his character name or level), which magically grants him an orgy with Linda Cardellini and the entire model list of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition 2012.

I wonder if the irony of liking something when it wasn't cool and not so much when it is feels more like a kick in the balls or more like a shot in the dark.