Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stories From my Life

As today is my 26th birthday (thank you, thank you) I have decided to "try out" a new project which I'll be cross-posting to my Facebook for those who know me in real life.

I am going to write short vignettes about personal things that happened to me in my life. As in, like super personal. Like, stories that I wish I had told a long time ago. But now I can, and I think it would help me as a person to finally get them out in a very to-the-point kind of way. Some highlights to watch for: anti-Semitic bullying, my childhood suicide attempt, being falsely accused of rape, watching someone get shot and die, the 30k diamond ring (AKA my life savings), being an adult at 12 years-old, and living between bigots and bros. Note: some things will be fictionalized, mostly to protect the innocent, the dead, and myself, but also to comply with standard libel laws and avoid drama. I'm hoping to turn these vignettes into a full-blown memoir so I can move on. But we'll see.

So keep a look out! And in the meantime, I'm gonna celebrate turning 26 years old. It's a trip!

2 footnotes:

Tit for Tat said...

Happy B-day

I was on the 14th

Maxam said...

Happy birthday. I look forward to your endeavor.