Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stories From my Life

As today is my 26th birthday (thank you, thank you) I have decided to "try out" a new project which I'll be cross-posting to my Facebook for those who know me in real life.

I am going to write short vignettes about personal things that happened to me in my life. As in, like super personal. Like, stories that I wish I had told a long time ago. But now I can, and I think it would help me as a person to finally get them out in a very to-the-point kind of way. Some highlights to watch for: anti-Semitic bullying, my childhood suicide attempt, being falsely accused of rape, watching someone get shot and die, the 30k diamond ring (AKA my life savings), being an adult at 12 years-old, and living between bigots and bros. Note: some things will be fictionalized, mostly to protect the innocent, the dead, and myself, but also to comply with standard libel laws and avoid drama. I'm hoping to turn these vignettes into a full-blown memoir so I can move on. But we'll see.

So keep a look out! And in the meantime, I'm gonna celebrate turning 26 years old. It's a trip!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dave Futrelle: Blogging Misandry

I recently had the unfortunate displeasure of exchanging words with Dave Futrelle, infamous author of the satirical Man Boobz blog. (I shall refrain from providing a link since trash doesn't need pageviews. Google if ya need to.) As you know, I participated in The Good Men Project's roundtable discussion regarding the merits of Feminism in a space dedicated to male issues.

It all began with this comment from a larger response to the topic:
And as much as you have been attacked and threatened by MRAs, many of us can attest to the same level of attack by Feminists (including male Feminists like Kaleb). I personally was told, many times, that I deserve to be raped, castrated, and abused. Not by some random radfem in Montana either — but by mainstream Feminists in places like Man Boobz and my own blog.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Roundtable Round-Up

I recently participated in a roundtable discussion at The Good Men Project regarding the topic of whether the question of "what is a good man?" should be considered a Feminist issue; whether women should take an equal or leading position in that conversation; and what role gender theory has in discussions with real life people who've suffered from either gender (and, in some cases, both genders).

The entire discussion was started by an article from TGMP founder, Tom Matlack, as he reflects back on the project's original purpose and the results it has attained at this point. His is mostly a disappointed perspective -- for various reasons but mostly because the focus has gone from men to women. Is that appropriate in a space which was created by and for men? My article examines, and largely concurs with Tom's post, outlining how men need a space of their own in which to develop their own, non-toxic notions of masculinity without the baggage of an entire world of gender theory and Oppression Olympics.

Others weighed in on this issue, and I encourage you to check out the entire conversation, including the comments! So many of it is interrelated, so I would even say that reading every article is almost necessary to get a complete picture. Some of the posters, Hugo Schywzyer for instance, seem to be inappropriate speakers to include in a healthy discussion of gender. (Hugo specifically because he's not a Feminist anymore considering his sex with students, dismissal of male victims, use of sexism in silencing his critics, and that time he attempted to murder someone.)

But either way, the fact that people are talking is important and I'm glad Tom kicked off this important topic. So, again, please go check it out!