Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Zek, The Demon Hunter

I decided I needed to take some time off from the anti-bigotry beat and blog about some happier stuff... Such as my new foray into the long-awaited Diablo 3, by Blizzard Entertainment. (Based in Orange County, California whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! My home from 0-21.)

Of the available character classes I rolled the Demon Hunter. Originally I was drawn to the Barbarian, which was my main in Diablo 2, but this time I wanted to branch out with a character built less around point & click, requiring finesse, multiple skills, and carefully crafted gear sets.

The game is awesome! Lots of clickables, Easter Eggs, and a rich texture. FX graphics look stunning, especially the cinematic sequences. I also enjoy the interface system with numerical hotkeys for skills, as opposed to the old F1-F9 function keys. Also notable is the useage of achievements, like in SC II: WoL (Google it) which allows for nigh infinite replay value.

The game itself isn't too difficult at the "normal difficulty" setting, which is the first one you're allowed. I've found with proper gear and a modicum of skill-spamming, I can almost half-ass my way through dungeons.

However, I extremely dislike the setup by Blizzard whereby you MUST BE online in order to play, even in single! I understand they need it to be online in order to link achievements, prevent cheating, etc blah blah blah -- but they couldn't even offer an option to play offline and just relink it later? The reason this is annoying is because the launch has been MASSIVE. As such, lag is a big problem, particularly during peak playing hours circa 6-11 PM (PST).

Also, I am very frustrated by the constant respawn of dungeons and areas. No matter how many nooks and crannies I find, as soon as I leave the game and come back, it'll be a brand new map and I'll have to search for things all over again... This is especially annoying when the lag (see above) knocks me and other players out of the game in the middle of achievements and quests.

Speaking of other players, I haven't tried multi... yet. Since the game IS essentially online multiplayer with every game being a "new one" minus my saved quest progress, I'll wait till my DemHun is sufficiently badass before rolling out with the cyberspace masses. Then I'll start in on the PvP...


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