Monday, May 21, 2012

Whom was Chasing Whom: Zimmerman's Lies

I stumbled upon a great resource on the timeline of events as well as maps of the area in which the murder of Trayvon Martin occurred at The Washington Post.

But something that really helped this incident click for me was something I hadn't even considered. Where was George Zimmerman parked relative to where Trayvon Martin's body was found? See below.

Now, if Zimmerman had waited by his truck and not continued stalking Martin, as he was instructed and as he claims, then how is it that Martin's body was found on the other side of the block along the cut-through Martin was taking to reach the house he was staying at? All of the deniers in this case haven't really raised this point to my knowledge.

If Martin attacked Zimmerman but Zimmerman was waiting by his truck like he claims, then how is it that Martin was found dead so far away from where Zimmerman was allegedly waiting for law enforcement?

Don't bother, because the answer is pretty obvious: Martin was confronted by Zimmerman, who was in his racial profiling faux-tough-guy mode, and so Martin defended himself as he was entitled to under most laws (including Stand Your Ground). Meanwhile, it is apparent that Zimmerman lied.

A picture is worth a thousand words, because a picture is oh so telling.

2 footnotes:

Chuck Ross said...

You "discovered" this? I've been urging you to look at it for over a month now.

How would zimmerman have been stalking Martin? Zimmerman stated on the non-emergency phone call that he lost Martin after Martin started running. Are we to believe that Martin ran home but then was somehow discovered and then hunted down by Zimmerman? Martin could have easily jogged home if he felt he was being followed and hunted, but he seems to have doubled back to confront Zimmerman in some way.

Zek J. Evets said...


Le sigh. Again with you Chuck? notice I said "stumbled upon" not "discovered". And you haven't been urging me to look at anything close to this... at all. So please, don't lie to my face =)

Also, Zimmerman DID NOT say he lost Martin. He says that he ran. I have the effing transcript on my blog if you'd like to reread it. Apparently you need to.

You say Martin doubled-back -- despite no evidence to show that he did -- however the question remains: if Martin doubled-back to Zimmerman, then why wasn't his body found where Zimmerman was supposedly waiting by his truck? Conversely, if Martin continued to run away and Zimmerman stayed by his truck, then why was his body found so far away? The point is that looking at the map visually demonstrates that Zimmerman DID NOT follow the orders of the 911 dispatcher, as has been substantially proven time & again in this case. Nor did he wait for law enforcement by his vehicle as he said he would. Zimmerman clearly continued to stalk & pursue Martin while carrying a loaded, concealed weapon.

As such, Zimmerman forfeited his right to claim self-defense. Again. By instigating the incident, and then ramping it up, he has shown himself to be the aggressor, and whatever injuries that are shown to be inflicted by Martin are covered under Martin's right to self-defense. (Under Stand your Ground no less to boot!)

Seriously Chuck, I don't know why you pretend you're being objective in this case. You've been trying to excuse what happened since day 1, and now you're trolling my blog in order to exonerate a killer? Disgusting.

Anyhoo, thanks for playing.