Thursday, May 24, 2012

Reading the Right Kind of News... Which is Left

It's depressing sometimes when you're bombarded on a regular basis with bad news, bigotry, and outright ignorance on a daily basis everywhere from Faux-News to your local station.

Which is why I'm glad to know of resources, like Daily Kos where I get factual, legitimate reporting that has some damned journalistic integrity. Especially when they're calling out lies from reactionary conservatives.

For instance, apparently according to the the Wall Street Journal (hat tip to Daily Kos for spreading the story) , the myth that Obama has been leading the country into "this debt and spending inferno" according to Mittens Romnificent is quite absurd and false. According to reporter Rex Nutting, the fastest spenders in the past three decades have been... you guessed it! Republicans. Especially Reagan and Bush II. Meanwhile, Obama has slowed spending to 1.4% annualized growth, compared with 7.3% to 8.!% under Bush II, and a shocking 8.7% growth during Reagan's first term. The article goes on to mention a few other interesting facts and opinions based on the numbers, which I'll leave to ya'll to peruse.

Anyhoo, so while Obama inherited a terrible economy due in large part to Dubya's abysmal economic policies, the lie that he's somehow increased the deficit and spent our way deeper into debt is patently false. Obama is apparently doing pretty damn good on fiscal policy, as it turns out. Which is why the economy keeps getting better under his watch.

As for me, I'll avoid the bald-faced lies, misinformation, and laughable "teach the controversy" of most big media corporations for the hard-fought, fast-paced world of independent media outlets serving us here in cyberspace.

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