Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Developments in TM & GZ Case

Seems like I blogged to soon with my last updates, since Florida Special Prosecutor Angela Corey recently released a vast array of evidence in the case.

The autopsy report revealed that Martin had a trace amount of THC in his blood. This is consistent with his recent suspension from school for possession of marijuana. However, this is not probative that Martin was "high" -- rather it shows his body was almost done processing the marijuana he'd had at school. Unless it was the result of second-hand, which is possible, although unlikely.

The report also revealed that the fatal wound occurred at an "intermediate" range. This indicates that Zimmerman was sufficiently far enough away from Martin that while a physical confrontation is conclusive from the evidence of Zimmerman's mild injuries and an abrasion on Martin's left fourth finger, it's suggestive that Zimmerman did not shoot him at close range in fear for his life.

Other facts include:

-- Zimmerman's injuries were in fact mild, as he attempted to get legal clearance to return to work, he refused to seek further treatment per the suggestion of his physician, and he did not request more than cursory medical treatment at the scene.

-- Sanford police believed the encounter between Zimmerman and Martin was "ultimately avoidable" if Zimmerman had "remained in his vehicle and awaited the arrival of law enforcement. "There is no indication that Trayvon Martin was involved in any criminal activity at the time of the encounter," said one police report.

-- The police did confiscate the gun when Zimmerman was initially booked, but there is no indication that they kept it, and it seems they did not since the weapon had to be retaken into evidence when Zimmerman was finally charged. This is strange since the weapon was clearly material to the case...

Additionally, due to the contradicting police reports, it's uncertain whether they were actually investigating this case. In one report they attempted to get Martin's pin number for his cellphone, but they then altered witness testimony and didn't charge Zimmerman despite believing him to be at fault...

Clearly, the Sanford PD either screwed the pooch, or didn't even bother with it in the first place. It remains to be determined.

-- There's also more information pointing to Zimmerman's racism, from both neighbors and coworkers. Their testimony seems to further support the obvious fact: Zimmerman is racist.

The source also reveals that Zimmerman was on prescription medication -- both uppers and downers -- used in the treatment of insomnia and ADHD.

The evidence clearly doesn't change much, other than to confirm what most people already knew: there was an altercation and Zimmerman was at fault. That Zimmerman was on drugs and that Martin was had only traces of weed in his system is interesting but not very probative in comparison to everything else given. The conflicting reports of the Sanford PD's investigation is interesting, and clearly Serino was finding out something he didn't want to believe -- that Zimmerman is guilty of Martin's death.

The witness testimony is troublesome, since it's inconclusive all over with conflicts, contradictions, and outright falsehoods. Regardless, the autopsy report's determination about the 8 inc to 4 foot range of the fatal shot will probably be at least as important as the phone records and testimony by the girl talking to Martin on the phone, Zimmerman's texts and phone records, as well as the fact that Zimmerman engaged in racial profiling.

Anyways, I'm definitely not convinced by the lack of common sense from other stories interpreting this evidence. Their biases are already blatant, obvious by the promulgation of more incorrect characterizations of the facts.


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