Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Martin & Zimmerman Updates

Two new developments in the case warranted another post.

1) A medical report the Zimmerman family physician and obtained by ABC News states that Zimmerman was diagnosed with a "closed fracture" of his nose, a pair of black eyes, two lacerations to the back of his head and a minor back injury the day after he fatally shot Martin during the alleged altercation.

While some pundits say it's more supportive for the defense than for the prosecution, I beg to differ. Few presume that Zimmerman committed this crime in cold-blood (AKA 1st degree), but rather accept that there was an altercation with Zimmerman pretending to be a cowboy neighborhood watch captain intent on apprehending an unarmed teenager while carrying a loaded weapon and racist stereotypes. That said, Martin's bruised knuckles would support the notion of self-defense... as in Martin defending himself from Zimmerman. However, to be fair, either interpretation has little probative value without supporting evidence -- which Zimmerman has not much of, and Martin has in spades.

2) FBI agents are investigating this case as a possible hate crime.

If proven, Zimmerman could face the death penalty. (Personally I'm against that, even in this case. Life imprisonment seems sufficient to me.) While Zimmerman is likely to bring in his token Black friends and Black children he mentored, even a cursory knowledge of racism shows that one can be racist and act out of racist beliefs despite being friends with or sympathetic to individual Black people. Additionally, Zimmerman's history with racial profiling and his recently discovered Myspace postings serve to automatically invalidate any attempts to portray him as other than racist.

Other random bits of information include: that Zimmerman's great-grandfather was Black, which I find to be pointless since the man identifies as White (except when he's identifying as Hispanic when on trial for murder) and unless we're going back to the One-Drop Rule I'd say it's of little relevance -- shoot racism can be internalized too, causing Black folks to be bigoted against other Black folks! Also, a list of witnesses for the trial has been compiled. Check it out if you can.


2 footnotes:

Chuck Ross said...

Zimmerman identified as Hispanic on his MySpace page, actually. The one you cite as evidence of something.

Also, it is very important to determine whether or not Martin first assaulted Zimmerman. You seem to just gloss over that. And if Zimmerman has injuries like the ones described, and Martin only has injuries to his knuckles and nowhere else, this implies that Martin was the aggressor. Unless you believe that Martin attacked Zimmerman even while Zimmerman was pursuing him with a drawn gun which is not very likely.

Zek J. Evets said...


And yet on virtually every legal or administrative document he identifies as White... hmmm. Also, it seems odd Zimmerman would identify as Hispanic considering the level of racism he holds towards them, as evidenced by his Myspace page postings.

Nice try though.

Anyhoo, I don't gloss over anything. We don't have the actual report -- only what ABC News says it contains. Curiously, it contradicts the opinion of the funeral director who stated Martin's body exhibited no signs of struggle. Also it wasn't compiled by an independent physician, it was compiled by Zimmerman's personal physician. In my legal experience, personal physician's are highly sympathetic to their patients, which is neither good or bad but it does reduce the report's credibility. Nonetheless, I'm convinced that Zimmerman sustained injuries somewhat consistent with his claims, though apparently they are minor considering he obtained no follow-up treatment despite his doctor's recommendations.

Meanwhile, we still don't have access to the autopsy report, so we don't know what else they found (besides the fatal wound) on Martin's body. So currently the bruised knuckles only prove that there was an altercation, something everybody already knew.

The only implication that Martin is the aggressor is Zimmerman's story, which is supported by very little evidence aside from his mild injuries.

But that aside, the entire situation was manufactured by Zimmerman and that's the relevant turning point in what happened that night. What happened after Zimmerman stalked and pursued Martin is irrelevant as far as who caused this incident. That is, who is at fault.

Unless you believe that Martin attacked Zimmerman even while Zimmerman was pursuing him with a drawn gun which is not very likely.

This is why common sense so often escapes you. If someone confronts you face to face with a loaded weapon, running away will just ensure you get shot. Attacking them will ensure you can get to the gun before they kill you. Since the shot was fired from close range according to the police reports this scenario is pretty clear.

Le sigh, why am I bothering though Chuck. You're not interested in the case or the parties involved. You're just out for political points that'll make you feel like racism doesn't exist despite all the evidence, facts, and people to the contrary.

So it goes.