Thursday, April 26, 2012

Racism in America: The Flip-Side

The above painting is by Michael D'Antuono and is entitled "A Tale of Two Hoodies", inspired by the Trayvon Martin case, this painting symbolizes the travesty of racially profiling innocent children and how present day prejudices affect policy.

Not since the Civil Rights era has the prevalence of racism in America been more visible or more oppressive. From Arizona's SB 1070 to the Trayvon Martin case. From Abdul Arian to Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. From the Tea Party signs to the presumptive and former Republican candidates for President. From discrimination in housing, crime, entertainment, and education, to segregation and imprisonment at levels unheard of even when Black people were considered slaves. People of Color -- and not just Black people, mind you -- are suffering racism today in ways that defy conventional wisdom and morality.

Clearly, Americans can ill afford to be so naive about our country anymore. Clearly, we cannot be silent.

Thankfully, in this struggle, there are yet signs of hope. North Carolina Superior Court Judge Greg Weeks has overturned the death penalty conviction of Marcus Robinson due to racial discrimination by prosecutors who deliberately excluded Black jurors from the trial. Judge Weeks determined that Robinson will serve life imprisonment because any death sentence in light of this clear systemic racism by the prosecutor's office is unconstitutional.

Well, hallelujah. It's about time the courts recognized the rampant racism among the jury selection process, criminal prosecution and sentencing, as well as the death penalty. Read here for more information.

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