Sunday, March 11, 2012

Recent Bouts of Cybersanity

All across the blogosphere the issues of the current political season are reverberating in alternating echoes of empowering hope, and hypocritical ignorance. Whether you're talking about the insanity of denying women the right to have a healthcare plan that they pay for to cover contraception, or recent religious denials to global climate change.

Here's the latest from my readings from the interwebs:

Danny, at Danny's Corner has a great post up about those falsely accused of rape, and why we should care about them.

ToySoldiers writes about the hypocrisy of anti-bigotry, specifically how the SPLC (a favorite organization of mine) can sometimes be wrong regarding the Men's Rights Movement when they focus on radicals and not the majority of men.

Daily Kos has a great article up regarding Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe and his justification for rejecting evidence that global climate change is really happening, specifically by quoting The Bible. I like how the article's author, Hunter, connects this kind of anti-science to past examples from Galileo to the Inquisition. Because this ain't the first time fundamentalists have tried to wreck the world.

I've also been reading, and shaking my head at TGMP publishing more articles by out-spoken racist Chuck Rudd (AKA Chuck Ross) as well as the recent problems with Manboobz commenters attacking male survivors and male victims of rape. The former is particularly personal since I have a history of engaging with Chuck, and even wrote a letter to the editors expressing my concerns, exposing Chuck's propensity of racist rhetoric. As it stands, they have taken some action, -- not enough in my opinion, but I'm willing to settle for baby-steps. Perhaps I'll even write an article for them...

Other interesting tidbits from around -- a hilarious Craigslist ad to bust someone's Star Wars "cherry", more internet depravity at 9GAG, and a nice lil' post on "manufactured outrage" by the PCTC blog. Enjoy!


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