Sunday, March 18, 2012

Justice for Trayvon Martin

Y'know, I remember listening to the stories my grandparents would tell me about the pograms in Eastern Europe. Jews ripped from their houses and strung up in the town-square. Jews accosted on the street, and beaten or killed outright. No repercussions. No justice.

Today I see much the same violence perpetrated against Black people in America. Black men and women ripped from their lives, strung-up, beaten, and killed outright. It disgusts me. It sickens me. It makes my soul vomit.

If you're not familiar with the case of Trayvon Martin, please read this article.

Many would say this is a isolated incident. Many have tried to distance Zimmerman (who, to my ever-lasting collective shame is of Jewish descent) from the historical fact that White people have killed Black people with impunity fueled by racist prejudice.

Don't believe that this still goes on? Take a moment to read this article by a blogger who came up with six such examples of similar incidents in just a cursory search. Read this article by, on the disturbing prevalence of hate crimes against Black people, with stats from the FBI to support it. Check this article about the rising tide of hate crimes against Blacks in my own childhood home of Orange County. Here's an article about an incident in 2009 in the Bay Area. The Huffington post has another article on the stats of Hate Crimes, which primarily target Black people. Finally, here's a link to an entire LIST OF LINKS detailing absurdly racist hate crimes against Black people.

Now, I KNOW some troll, somewhere out there in cyberspace is likely wearing their tinfoil hat thinking, "Why don't they call it a hate crime when some Black people beat-up/rob/murder a White person? Why doesn't the media stop this conspiracy to hide racially motivated Black-on-White crime!"

Sir, Madam, or whatever -- you are forgetting an important part of the situation. CONTEXT! Did they do this for greed? Anger? Sheer criminality? Or did they commit the crime based on racial prejudice? Did they do this because the person was White? Because, as I recall, every piece of "proof" I've been peppered with hasn't mentioned a goddamn thing about that. Also, there is no media conspiracy hiding anything, evidenced by scholarly research on the subject.

Just let the crickets close out this number...

Back to the topic at hand. I remember my own nights back home, walking alone to 7-11 for a Slurpee and some sour gummi worms. Would I have thought twice about stepping to the pavement if I had been born Black? Apparently I would have, because I'd have been born painfully aware that on sight I am a target.

DWB, MOVE OVER! WWB (walking while Black) is the next killing offense, apparently. Shoot, next will we let Black men die for no better reason than wearing a hoodie?

Frankly, I am disgusted at how the police department has dealt with this case. Each development reveals how FUBAR their entire handling of the investigation has been. I support innocent until proven guilty, but... you shoot someone, you need to be detained for questioning.

But I guess I shouldn't be surprised, right? It's easier for Americans, especially White Americans, to quietly frown and mutter a half-hearted "aww" before going back to their armchair position of privilege and ignorance.

Meanwhile Trayvon Martin's death cries out across the country, telling Black people the same message, "your country does not care about you." This poor kid deserves justice; his family deserve justice. Too bad Justice doesn't see shit, because being color-blind ain't working out so well. But now I have to wonder, is she deaf and dumb too? Please, someone tell me this isn't what happened to my country -- but I guess it's too late, because it was like this when I got here.

Goddamn American, Reverend Wright said. Goddamn America, indeed.

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lifeexplorerdiscovery said...

I don't expect any justice. I don't even know why the Martin family is even bothering, none of the police, justice system, or government cares. All this increase in racism has only reminded me of how the couple of decades after the civil rights movement mirrors the Reconstruction period after the civil war. We are now in the stages of what post reconstruction looked like which essentially is a return to the racism that was prevalent (not that it ever totally left in either situation) and justified by society.

People often wonder why I don't put my trust in society its because society will get you killed.

I live in one of the most racially segregated cities in the most racist state.

The only thing that upsets me about all this "coverage" of recent attacks on blacks is that people forget that black women suffer from these kind of racist acts too but for some reason get even less media coverage (probably because black women are not seen the way a white woman would be if attacked or killed and are seen as less human than a black man).

With the recent announcement of a white supremacist running for sheriff (forgot what state), and the strong likelihood that he'll win, I am honestly not surprised anymore to see America go back to Jim Crow. All that is left is to see the "whites only" and "coloreds only" signs again, the behavior is there and majority of America is okay with going back to those times, there really isn't anything stopping it from happening.

No wonder racist organizations wanted Obama to win in 2008, their prediction that white America would join the white supremacist cause was true.

Student of the World said...

You ain't never lied.