Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tireless Extremism

It never fails to surprise me, the lengths that wingnut conservatives racists some people will go to in order to "prove" a conspiracy racist belief theory of theirs.

In a recent development, Sherrif Joe Arpaio of Arizona has announced he'll be calling a press conference to detail his findings into the issue of Obama's birth certificate.

Really!? Seriously? We're still talking about this? Haven't we already seen the President's birth certificate? Both long-form and short-form? What else do you need??? Is there any elected official in Arizona who isn't completely batshit crazy? Better yet, is there anyone who can explain to the Birther nutjobs how insane they are?

Because at this point I can only shake my head.


2 footnotes:

lifeexplorerdiscovery said...

You can't really expect much from the same state where the governor actually points her finger in the President's face and tries to talk down to him.

Zek J Evets said...


This is true.