Sunday, February 12, 2012

College Degree? Worth it!

Contrary to popular random opinions, my college degree is about to pay-off, and rather well too.

Yours Truly has recently secured employment as a Legal Writer at an advocacy firm in the Bay Area. My salary is roughly 32k per year. I get medical/dental/vision benefits and a 401k (provided I don't quit after my "probationary period") as well as paid days off that I can use whenever.

Plus, I get to, like, y'know... write.

That's correct, for the not-so-low price of 38,000 dollars of college edumacation debt I am now gainfully employed at an "adult type" job IN MY FIELD with career options and other glitzy, glamorous bougie shtuff.

Can you tell I'm pleased?

But seriously, as much as I hate to admit it, it seems like college will actually pay off after all. The work will be easy: writing case briefs, summaries, testimony retyping, fact-checking, and a lot of other miscellaneous writing. The pay is just above average for my field/education level/age/whatever.

I get to dress in nice clothes (finally) and the commute is less than 20 mins for my apartment. PLUS! They're sending me -- all expenses paid -- to New York City for paid training!

All in all, post-collegiate life is looking up.


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Alee said...

Jasmin told me about this -- congrats.

No need to disclose all the facts about your new job! But now that we know you dress up for it, we're going to need some new, spiffy Z pics.

RR said...


Zek J. Evets said...


I'll try and get some from NYC =)



Anonymous said...


That's what I said! Excuse me for not wanting random strangers all up in our business. *grumble*

Mira said...

Lucky! Congratulations. I hope the job will be interesting.

RVCBard said...

If you haven't come and gone already, we should check out a restaurant or coffee shop while you're in NYC.

Zek J. Evets said...


Oh darn! I would if I was! Sadly it was a short trip. Just a bare week.

Certainly next time though! Whenever that is, haha.