Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Politics

Given recent events occurring in Iowa (I mean the Iowa primaries) I thought it'd be pertinent to outline my own political beliefs. Please note, these are all in the context of the U.S. politics, and represent only my own informed and uninformed opinions. Your disagreement is not an invitation to attack me. However you're welcome to leave a comment, per usual.

Though I am a registered Democrat, I actually prefer Green party candidates more often than not. I define myself as a Social Democrat with heavy influence from Socialism.

I believe healthcare, education, as well as the free and safe expression of sex/sexuality are human rights. I believe corporations should not be considered people. I support the Consumer Protection Agency, as well as heavy regulation of industry, corporations, and other big businesses. I support a progressive tax code that asks wealthier citizens to pay a larger share based on their heavier use of common facilities, and the increased stress they put on the economy. I believe we should not punish people for being poor, homeless, or unlucky, and support a better welfare system that helps people become self-sufficient.

I am pro-life in my personal life. I don't believe a fetus or zygote is a person, but it is a form of life that I am responsible for and personally I refuse to renege on that consequence. However, I do not think my private opinions on abortion should be applied to others, because forcing others to follow my personal beliefs is wrong. I am pro-choice in the voting booth.

I believe the death penalty is wrong. 1) It is a flawed system that has executed innocent men based on racist, sexist, and classist bias in the justice system. 2) It doesn't redress the life lost or harm done by the criminal, and instead acts as state-sanctioned murder in a juvenile attempt to trade a life for a life, as opposed to rehabilitate those who commit wrongful acts. It is morally bankrupt, ineffective, and far too often wrong in its judgements; the death penalty simply does not work, and only makes murderers out of us all.

I support widespread environmental protection, starting with heavy investment in renewable energy. (It would be great in this economy -- creating good paying, high tech jobs.) This would be followed by strict standards to protect natural resources, parks, wildlife, and increase our harmony with nature. Something needs to be done about Global Warming.

Yes, it does exist.

I believe state and religion are meant to be separate. Science is not the opposite of religion, and thus its prominence is not somehow a "threat" to religion. Science has nothing to do with religion, and so Intelligent Design/Creationism has no place in our schools. More importantly, the state should NEVER fund any religious institution so as to avoid creating any semblance of a connection between any religion and the government.

Hate crimes should not be a separate category of crime. I believe assault, murder, theft, or rape, even those based on race, gender, or sexual orientation are not somehow "worse" because they are done based on prejudice. Matthew Shepard is not any more or less "dead" because of homophobia. His killers are not any more or less killers because they are homophobic. All crimes should be prosecuted equally to the fullest extent of the law.

I hate the military. I find the thought of a government funded apparatus engaged in terrorism, murder, theft, and the invasion of sovereign nations to be disgusting. Young men, many of whom have no prospects other than enlistment, sign up to kill people just to get paid for it. I find this disgusting too. I have little to no respect for most modern veterans because of this, because I cannot stand those who choose to willfully put themselves in a position to kill someone else who poses no threat to our country. And in this modern day, very few people pose a threat to America, and those that do have been killed already.

Consequently, I am against many of our (undeclared) wars, such as Iraq, and I believe we need to severely scale down our military, including removing our foreign bases in countries like Germany, Japan, and other random nations. Our military budget would be better used feeding our fellow Americans rather than killing strangers in the Middle East.

Finally, I have found that in my experience most people identify as "conservative" are typically ignorant, racist, sexist, classist, intolerant, closed-minded, and angry. I'm sure that's not the case for every single person who identifies as conservative in this country, but in my experience, and as seen often on the news it appears to be that way for a majority of conservatives.

These are but a few of my personal political beliefs. There are more I probably forgot, or neglected to mention. Feel free to comment with your own.


2 footnotes:

lifeexplorerdiscovery said...

Totally agree with the conservative thing. Though I have been learning about how racism works from the liberal side which is far more covert than conservative racism.

What is your views on illegal immigration and immigration in general? For me, I find that is one of the few conservative views I have (and my most ultra conservative view at that).

Other than that I pretty much agree with ya though I wouldn't say I am as liberal about them.

Zek J Evets said...


Immigration is a tough a one... I'm definitely against the hard-line fence-building, and I don't think we should punish immigrants or dehumanize them. Instead, we need to rework our immigration policy to make it possible for immigrants to get citizenship because frankly speaking they're being exploited by employers, and our economy in general. Especially when you consider that immigrant payroll taxes, purchasing power, etc, all help make the southwest region's economy survive.

That said, I don't think we should allow illegal immigration either. But it makes more sense to regulate it than build a fence.