Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Great Game Debate: An Outside Perspective

MRA's versus PUA's. Yes, you read that correctly. Male Right's Activists, in all their virulent glory, are currently facing a confrontation with Pick-Up Artists, in all their manipulative misogyny. It's like Darth Vader versus Lord Voldemort! It's like Umbridge versus Snape, Galbatorix versus Sauron, and Freeza versus The Lich King. The ultimate showdown of reactionary ignorance pitted against itself, the two groups amongst the MRM that I dislike the most are going to throw it down until one, the other, or (hopefully!) both are lying on the floor amongst the remnants of broken dignity and relevance.

Well hot damn! Let's enjoy the show, shall we?

Okay, so on the one hand we have the MRA. Male Right's Activists. The fanatical and extremist faction of the Men's Right's Movement. They believe all rapes are false, all women are bitches, and there is no group more persecuted than men -- especially White men. They think PUA's are supplicating pussy-chasers, devoid of manly honor, maturity, wholly chained to the validation of their self-worth through the possession of female attraction.

Then on the other hand we PUA. Pick-Up Artists are those who follow the teachings of "Game", and practice "Game Theory" in a battle of the sexes they see as winnable through manipulating, dominating, and ultimately using women for sex. Like classic teenagers, they dismiss all haters as pussies & losers unable to even get laid -- let alone understand the importance of sex. PUA's place the having of intercourse above all other goals, and direct all their time & resources to learning tactics in order to get it.

The reality is that both camps are full of shit. The MRA's are angry and upset, frothing at the mouth over their loss of privilege and taking that out on women by virtue of proximity, even though by & large they are zero-amount responsible for the structural oppression of men, and the consequent microaggressions. (Case in point: The Mancession. Created by men! Created by Wall Street and the top 1%, which consists almost overwhelming of men! White, heterosexual men. Not women. Not minorities. Not Islamic fundamentalists or Hispanic immigrants sneaking into the country. Most oppression of men is caused by other men, or women ultimately responsible to men who allow it. Note: this is not to say that men are not oppressed by women, or to diminish the fight against misandry. See my posts for more information.)

The PUA's are shallow, manipulative nymphos who never seemed to mature past age 16 to realize that 1) sex isn't the Be All End All of life, and 2) those of us who disagree with your obsession for trying to fuck random chicks aren't losers or incapable of getting laid. Most of us really just don't care as much as you do about getting a lot of ass, probably because we don't have to try as hard. (Contrary to the taunts, some of us even have actual girlfriends!) More importantly, Game -- despite seemingly positive elements of male-empowerment -- is tainted with very valid observations that it espouses domestic violence, sexual harassment, and rape along with lesser offenses such as insulting women, manipulating them, coercing them into uncomfortable situations, and other douchebaggery.

It is my opinion that both camps are crap. MRA's and PUA's both need to sit the fuck down and shut up. For my part, and that of most people, I'm tired of self-entitled pricks demanding endless pussy, or grown men crying over lost privilege like someone knocked a stolen ice-cream cone out of their hand.

There are serious issues to be dealt with, and this shit just bogs it down! We've got young boys in America -- especially Black & Hispanic boys -- failing school, from elementary to college. We've got no protection for male victims of domestic violence. Young boys who have been raped by women are still victim-blamed or ignored, and no services exist to support them or male victims of domestic abuse. Violent crime, which predominantly affects men, is still a huge problem for metropolitan police forces, as well as the fact that we imprison men at nearly 9 times the rate we imprison women, despite similar rates of criminality, and crimes committed. And finally this economic crisis -- dubbed the Mancession --  which has left men, more than any other group, jobless, in ways not seen since The Great Depression continues unabated, leaving many men with no hope of supporting their families, or even themselves.

So to the dicks & assholes in this conversation I say, fuck you and the piece of shit horse you rode in on! I refuse to acknowledge anything positive in what you do because you seem incapable of doing anything positive. All you do is argue over who is more of a loser...

NEWSFLASH: you're both losers. NEWSFLASH: no one knows or cares about anything you say. NEWSFLASH: men are still suffering while you compare notches and ideological minutiae. NEWSFLASH: grow up.

And with those knowledge bombs dropped, ya'll can go back to watching the petty dramatics.


5 footnotes:

Mira said...

Or, as we like to say here: same shit, different package?

Zek J Evets said...


We say, same shit different smell.

But yep!

Mira said...

Oh, the "old sayings" wisdom.

But seriously now, I had no idea MRA's hate PUA's. To be completely honest, I never thought much about either of them. There are men who try to play the Game here, and there are those who believe world owes them something because they were born with a penis. But I don't think they're organized the way they are in the US.

Zek J Evets said...


It must be an American thing, to start a pseudo-cult dedicated to self-entitlement for male sexual gratification.

Franklin said...

"Frieza vs. The Lich King."

I have to admit, I laughed a bit!