Saturday, October 22, 2011


Recently on my blog a commenter by the name of Asher has been making the rounds -- and not just here, but over at Abagond's place too. While initially it seemed he was interested in genuine conversation, his comments eventually devolved into ranting hyperbole.

This led to my moderating his comments and kicking him off my blog.

However Asher, apparently is unable to simply slunk off into the vastness of cyberspace without attempting some pithy comeback. This came in the form of an email sent to me, which I will now post for you (with commentary).

" Yo man,

This is the Asher that you declined to post my latest comment.  The commenters at abagond just compared you to me, after I spent two days there ridiculing and intellectually sodomizing so-called antiracism. [Apparently you have a fetish for anal-sex, judging from your use of the word "sodomize". Hey, whatever floats your boat dude. However, the commenters at Abagond tend to lump all people they think are "racist" into the same box, as a lazy form of groupthink. Obviously we are not comparable.]

Also, you're a total pussy for declining to post that comment. [Why am I "pussy" for declining to let you troll & flame my blog? If anything, the opposite would be more accurate. Instead I kicked your ass to the curb, as you deserved.]  Don't like that the term "racism" has been devalued to the point that it is meaningless? [In your opinion. For most people -- read the majority of Americans -- the term "racism" is potent and meaningful. That you don't see this is evidence of your ignorance.]  Well, take the term back. Or, better yet, stop using the term "racism" and come up with something else. [I'm not sure why you're telling me what to do...] Yeah, you actually did use the term "ANazi" when you used the term "racist". [Nope, I didn't. Thanks for making that up though.]  They're interchangeable. [No, racist and Hitler are not interchangeable words. One is a person, the other is an adjective. Please learn to use a fucking dictionary.] Sorry, but you don't get to choose what words mean, since usage IS meaning and "racist" means "Hitler". [I'm sorry, but if we don't get to choose what words mean then why do you get to choose what words mean then? Apparently you trapped yourself with your own logic. And the only one who said that racist means Hitler has been you, and you haven't provided any proof other than your say so.]

Oh, and I just posted a comment at abagond mocking them for equating a self-identified anti-racist, you, with a self-identified anti-anti-racist, me. [Did you really just write anti-anti-racist?? Just get rid of the double-negative and say it like it is: you're a self-identified racist. Feel free to mock away though, if it makes you feel better. It sure makes you look immature and stupid however.]

Opposites are now the same!!!  "A" equals "non A"!!!! Aristotle is turning in his grave. [I'm sorry but what does this actually mean? (Other than that you're crazy.) And why would Aristotle turn in his grave over your own self-induced delusional drama?

Cheers, b*tch. [You sent me an email dumbass! It doesn't get sent to spam if you curse!]

P.S.  I love the hating.  Keep it coming bro' [Hahaha, oy vey. I'm not your bro, frat-boy wannabe. Apparently you love the attention. Did you not get enough as a child then? Or are you just sad that nobody thinks you're a special snowflake? Either way, thanks for the laugh and enjoy being irrelevant.]"


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