Thursday, September 22, 2011

Troy Davis

Born October 9th 1968. Executed September 12st 2011.

I can't believe that I live in a country that would execute a man believed by hundreds of thousands of people, from The Pope to Jimmy Carter, to be innocent. His guilt was in doubt from the moment his case was first undertaken. Witnesses against him recanted their testimony. Experts from diverse fields proclaimed there to be a more-than-reasonable doubt that he commited the murder of off-duty officer Mark MacPhail.

We, the United States of America, land of the free, home of the brave, murdered this man at 11:08 Eastern Standard Time. After dangling out hope for an appeal of his sentence...

I am ashamed to be an American today. I am ashamed to be a citizen of this nation; from the core of my being to the very fabric of my soul I am ashamed.

For the State of Georgia, the judicial system, and for justice in this country I have nothing but contempt. For the families of Mark MacPhail, and Troy Davis, I have nothing but my deepest, most sincere condolences and compassion.

That Black men are still being lynched -- whether it be by the noose, or by injection -- for crimes they did not commit in America is a tragedy all too common to ever forgive, or forget.

That racism, classism, bigotry, fear &a hatred are still allowed to dictate the measure, the worth of a man's life is Unacceptable. It is Evil. I believe this more than I believe in God or Gravity. I believe that if there is even the merest flicker of a shadow of a doubt across the face of even one person on the jury or in the courtroom that this man did not commit this crime, then he should not be executed.

More importantly, the death penalty is wrong, and we know it. The world knows it! We are the only "civilized" country still carrying out this practice. Shoot, we were still executing children up until 2005! Yet hundreds of people have been exonerated through DNA evidence, or investigations of their cases, and they have been released from prison.

Yet there have been horrible mistakes where we realized after executing someone that they did not commit the crime they were accused and wrongly convicted of.

But it has to stop. We cannot continue to allow innocent men to die to appease our nation's bloodlust.

Don't believe that what I'm saying is true? Let me show you the depth of what I have said, and the breadth to which it has spread.

Amnesty International
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Former President Jimmy Carter
Warden of the Prison holding Troy Davis

Each of these links contains an overwhelming amount of information casting doubt on the guilt of Troy Davis, and revealing that he may, in fact, be innocent. More importantly, the true killer remains at large -- possibly one of the 9 witnesses who originally testified. Many believe he is one of the 2 who haven't recanted...

But in the end none of this mattered. Rather we killed this man. What if had been you? Someone you loved? What if it had been me?

Today, I am Troy Davis.

Today, I recognize the fact that I could be at the wrong place, with the wrong people, at the wrong time and end up on death row for a crime I did not commit based on little to no evidence.

Today I ask that we change our system of justice, because it is no longer being served.


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Brotha Wolf said...

Great post.

There will be people that will deny everything wrong with Davis' execution, but the world knows better. If they didn't in the past, the world now sees America's true colors.

G.L.Piggy said...

It is a fact that Davis was present when the off-duty cop was murdered, the question is whether he pulled the trigger. Davis' legal team claimed that another man pulled the trigger, but the casings from the cop's murder scene matched those of another shooting that was linked to Davis' gun.

Blood from the murdered cop was also found on Davis' shorts. There were also many more than the 9 witnesses who supposedly recanted their testimony - there were 34 witnesses total who originally linked Davis to the crime.

So stop drinking the Kool Aid. The man was guilty and deserved to die.

Zek J Evets said...


As opposed to drinking the racist Kool Aid you like to chug? Because I'm not about assuming that any Black man will do when a crime is committed; because, y'know, we can't be bothered to accept that of the 7 witnesses that said Davis was the shooter + the 2 who said he confessed, all of them but 2 recanted their testimony (1 of whom was very likely the actual shooter) and that that should be a major factor in a new trial, or at least a stay of execution. I mean, the prosecution spent so much time hammering home that -- apparently -- false testimony as SOOO IMPORTANT to the case, which turned out to be wrong, that it would seem like true justice to at least retry the case since it was based on false testimony.

Oh, and they couldn't determine who the blood on his shorts belonged to, as it turns out. Nor was its presence indicative of guilt. (Notice they didn't try and say the homeless guy shot MachPhail, even though he had blood on his clothes too.)

But nah, that's not good enough for you Chuck! For you, we should fry that bastard. Twice.

Shit, you'd do it yourself, right? You'd gladly look this innocent man in the eyes, stick him with a shot o' death, yet still able wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror.

Shit, if it was you, you'd totally accept the decision of the court to put you to death, even though evidence was falsified, fabricated, and anything in your defense wasn't brought to light until much later. Right, Chuck?

Haha, oy vey man, you're so beyond morally repugnant that it isn't at all hyperbole to compare you to Osama bin Laden, the KKK, or Hitler himself.

Shiiiiit, I bet you cried like a baby when they killed Cleve Foster. 'Cuz lawd knows that a White guy who probably did the horrible crimes he was convicted of had no business being put to death, but a Black man who more than likely had NOTHING to do with the crime he was convicted for "deserved to die".

I don't know why you bother commenting on my blog. It only makes you look like a dumbass =/

Go troll under someone else's bridge.

lifeexplorerdiscovery said...

Casey Anthony gets away with murder yet Troy Davis is murdered. That tells you everything you need to know about America's view on race, class, and gender.

But on the plus side at least that supremacist Lawrence Brewer (a different case) got what was coming to him...

Though that is not enough to make up for what happened to Troy Davis

Brotha Wolf said...

Piggy, I'm curious...

What do you have to day about the murder of James Anderson, a gay black man, who was murdered by Deryl Dedmon, a young white male? Does Dedmon deserve a death sentence?

How about this, Lawrence Brewer, a white supremacist, was executed the same day Troy Davis was killed. His crime was murdering James Byrd several years ago.

Next, there's Samuel David Crowe, a white man who killed Joseph Vala (race unknown) during a robbery. He was given the death penalty, but he was given life in prison at the last minute in 2008? What do you think about that?

Last, but not least, we have Casey Anthony, a young white mother who murdered her child, but is found not guilty of murder and other felonies, but was guilty of misdemeanors, got credit for the time she served in prison, and was freed in July.

I'm interested in what you have to say about this, Piggy. By the way, much of what you said was what Ann Coulter wrote on her website, and we all know how fair-minded and sympathetic she is.

Mira said...

I don't know what to say (except what I said back at Abagond's). I am against death penalty so the fact there was reasonable doubt about his guilt is not the most important for me here.

On the other hand... There WAS a reasonable doubt, and NOBODY CARED, because THIS MAN WAS BLACK.