Monday, September 26, 2011

A Short Lesson in Economics

Present widespread media coverage of the financial crisis notwithstanding, people seem to be more than ever ignorant of the downward spiral -- the causes, effects, proposed solutions, and palatable climate of stupidity.

But never fear my good Saboteurs! I am here to elucidate the matter. As your Fearless Leader, it is my solemn duty to uphold the education of your minds, guerrilla activist style.

And since I take this self-proclaimed calling so seriously, enough with the grandiose verbosity and get right down to brass tacks.

Rich people need to start paying their taxes. Straight up, no excuses. Just pay your fair fucking share.

I know, I know, "They're the job creators! We can't tax them. Why, they might just pick up and leave us!"

But I'm sorry to say, they left a long time ago. Most corporations do not employ a majority of American workers at their companies. Their workers, and suppliers are all sweatshop labor in Third World nations. They claim to be American corporations, but then pay little to no taxes on revenue, whether through real income or through capital gains. They don't reinvest in the economy, or infrastructure, or create ANY jobs.

This is the reality. Despite cries from many Conservatives, corporations ARE NOT creating jobs, nor are they stimulating the economy. Despite receiving handouts, bailouts, tax incentives, grants, and all manners of governmental assistance, the top 1%, and the corporations they run have not, and are not paying their fair share, or paying back what they were given.

And it's also funny since corporations are supposedly people, shouldn't they be getting indited for fraud? I guess not. But honestly, I won't believe that corporations are people until either Texas executes one, or Stephen Colbert's daughter starts dating one.

But that isn't my main point. My main point is that the rich and corporations are taxed a bare 15% through Capital Gains. Which is why Warren Buffett can say that his secretary pays more in taxes than he does!

And yet we have John Fleming on The Daily Show talking about how he can't feed his family on 200,000 dollars a year. We have "job creators" telling us that they might NOT open another Subway franchise if Obama decides that people far richer than John Fleming should pay their fair share of taxes.

Their idiocy is so painful, my head is staggering.

Because what John Fleming, and all of the rich seem to forget is that they actually need to pay higher taxes than we do because they reap a disproportionately larger benefit from the system that they're complaining about! They complain about paying taxes on their income, on their capital gains, on their investments, but they benefit from the taxes that we all have paid for that went to the roads, hospitals, police, fire, utilities, etc., that allow them to run their business in the first place!

Not to mention the taxes which fund schools to educate their labor force... Yet these selfsame fucks (and their brainwashed Proletariat neocon-nutjobs) want to slash & burn education like it was another glorious rainforest.

But Elizabeth Warren explains it much better than I do.

And when these rich, corporate, conservative d-bags complain that they cannot support a family on 200k a year (net profit), I can only shake my head at the bourgeoisie existence to which they've become accustomed. Maybe they should look at all the people who support their families on less than 20k a year? People live on 10 times less than just a middling-rich person (AKA John Fleming) and yet he has the balls to complain!

Again, the idiocy makes my head hurt.

It's past time for the citizens of this country to take back the American Dream, and make the top 1% accountable for all the damage they've done to our economy. To our way of life.


3 footnotes:

Brotha Wolf said...

It's also a form of elitism. After all, 99% of Americans have to pay taxes while the insane-rich 1% does not have to pay much or at all. Rich people are getting a huge piece of the pie, and they get help from the government while the same government practically tells the rest of the population to go to hell.

And yet, the wealthy will cry victim if they so much as suspect they will be taxed or left behind.

Zek J Evets said...

Brotha Wolf,

Indeed. It's a form of hegemonic oppression so perverse that Marx would probably explode into little bits of class consciousness, while Antonio Gramsci might just faint on the spot.

Meanwhile, the poor get poorer, the rich get richer, and the downward spiral continues to envelop the nation.

Student of the World said...

I have no words. I've literally wasted my breath trying to explain this to people.

I think people cared more about the social contract in the years directly after the end of WWII because so much human life had been lost. It woke people up.

This generation didn't grow up with a war. At least not one that they felt at home through the loss of men, or rationing. I think we're in serious trouble. And things are going to get worse before they get better.