Monday, September 19, 2011

Only in America...

 Can a fair and effective attempt to fix the economy be described as "Class Warfare".

Seriously, Obama has the most unenviable job in the Free World, because only he has to convince people that if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks LIKE A DUCK, well, then it must be a goddamn duck. Not a pigeon, not a hawk. And definitely not a goose.

Only, in this case, he has to convince people that making the rich pay the same taxes that everyone else does -- particularly Middle-class Americans -- is not some kind of "class warfare path", but an attempt to balance our budget using standard economics.

But you know what IS class warfare? Taxing the poor and Middle-class, giving huge tax breaks to billionaires and corporations, and attempting to completely dismantle our economic system into anarchy. Especially since the poor and Middle-class are who our representatives represent, and they need help. Especially since the rich and corporations -- despite booming profits, huge tax-breaks, loopholes, and incentives -- are mostly apathetic to hiring American workers, or helping the economy in any ways. Especially since the Tea Party is actively campaigning for an end to America as we know it.

Don't believe me? Watch these people cheer letting a man die, merely because he cannot afford health insurance.

Welcome to the Monkey House! Kurt Vonnegut is rolling around his grave, laughing his ass off and crying at the same time.


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Eurasian Sensation said...

The recent spin by FOX and others in re-titling the wealthy as "job-creators" is quite interesting. They regard the wealthy as somehow sacred because they create jobs... yet say not a peep when the same "job creators" later sack workers by the hundreds in order to raise the share price.
My local supermarkets (owned by "job-creating" corporations) have just brought in the self-serve checkout system, which has largely removed their need for checkout operators. Of course, I almost punched the machine today because, well, I'm not a trained checkout operator. I never fully appreciated those folks until they were gone.