Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Fellow Jewish-Americans...

Jon Stewart, our Messiah has come!

Telling the Conservative party the straight-talk they so desperately need -- and will unfortunately find incomprehensible. Because they are idiots.

But so it goes.

I've gotta say, Jon Stewart really does get better over time. His commentary, while insightful, hilarious, and dare I say... capable of making a difference in the world, has begun to take on that quality of seriously avant-garde political science. He's gone from a "funny guy" to a cultural zeitgeist all his own, and the lone political voice in our collective partisan conscience.

Yes, I am dick-riding like a mothafucka.


3 footnotes:

Brotha Wolf said...

Lol That was funny and on point.

Mira said...

Shit. Where are my speakers when I need them??? I need to hear this. :P

jas0nburns said...

Yeah I think he's gotten better and better over the years. He nails it every time. I'm riding nuts too haha.