Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Between Two Forms of Radicalism

Today on campus was a fair for non-profit organizations, sponsored by the Institute for Civic & Community Engagement. There were myriad charity organizations, environmental groups, LGBTQ civil rights clubs, our campus law club, La Raza, the Black Student Union, the Palestinian Student Union -- right next to the Jewish Student Union! -- and randomly a Pro-Life group near the end of the path, right alongside a Pro-Choice group.

I'll spare you the details of the debate of Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice, but I will say this...

It is fucking traumatic to see large glossy images of aborted fetuses covered in blood, and other bodily fluids just planted on the campus green. It was disgusting, shaming, and most of all extremely disturbing to people who were just trying to have a fair and go to class to be remonstrated and interrogated at random by a bunch of old guys (there were only two women, which is interesting..) about whether they've: 1) found Jesus 2) had an abortion 3) knew someone who had an abortion 4) whether we knew that we were condoning baby-killing.

However, on the other side, the Pro-Choice group, a motley crew of unattractive women, greasy dudes, and one androgynous oldster danced in sexually suggestive ways (including the guys!) towards the Pro-Lifers, while holding up signs saying, Jesus Loves Abortion -- We Want Free Abortions to Instigate the Socialist Revolution -- and, Fuck You I'll Have An Abortion!

Seriously!?!? This is why I can't get behind either side, because both of them are -- at their extreme -- a radical position that I can't sympathize with at all, let alone understand. Neither can understand that, for most people, an abortion is a last resort, something to do if necessary but still something to regret that doesn't need to dragged out and shamed. There is no choice or life from either of them.

I had to physically stop myself from telling both of them off for being fucking ridiculous stereotypes and assholes to boot!

But so it goes. We must master ourselves before we can master life itself. And I digress...

Between two forms of radicalism I choose not to participate. I choose to find, make, create a third path that may or may not yet exist, but for me is the only way I can go because unlike rocks at the bottom of a river, stubborn and unyielding, unwilling to follow the path of life and simultaneously create their own path, I will be a leaf atop the current, stubborn in that it refuses to be drowned by the river, but smart enough, light enough, and quick enough to run across the flow of the river and choose which tributary to take next...

Until then, I'll try and be more like Master Yoda.


3 footnotes:

Brotha Wolf said...

Damn. Both groups sound...crazy. lol

Mira said...

Why are you surprised? That's how extremists of all kinds behave.

I didn't understand the part with socialist revolution, though I must say I don't generally take Americans who talk about socialism seriously (sorry! Well, there are exceptions, of course, but in general...)

I'm more interested in Palestinian and Jewish student unions. Any interesting stories here?

Zek J. Evets said...


Well... before I started at my university they both had a brawl on campus once because both of their functions happened to occur at the same time. For the Jewish student union it was Passover, and for the Palestinians it was some kind of anniversary? (Can't remember exactly.)

But yeah, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, yet somehow I always am!