Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sad Bastards are for Publishing

So, without further adieu, the long anticipated, long awaited, long in the making and very long in the getting, I present to you the art which will appear in my upcoming collection, Sad Bastard Poetry!

Big thanks to Goose for doing such an amazing job for the petty compensation I was barely able to justify on my budget. Nonetheless, the results speak for themselves, and I'm sure ya'll will enjoy them too...

All that remains to be done is to edit, revise, and get this baby published!


5 footnotes:

Mira said...

I love the artwork and it sure made me super-interested in the book.

But what's going on with his face in the first image?

Brotha Wolf said...

Nice artwork.

Zek J Evets said...


His mouth is making the word "yawn", haha.

Brotha Wolf,

Thanks =)

foosrock! said...

You know, both sides of my family, ie my paternal and maternal as well the one I married into are artist. ALL except me. So, going forward, you can take my question as clueless: What in blazes is this?.

PS: I asked the same of my (ex) mother-in-law during a showing of what I called her "menopausal" drawings and she's contrary mir gegenüber up till today, 10-11yrs after divorce of her precious son!. Looking forward to your response.

Zek J Evets said...


In the blazes it is art for a book that I am in the process of writing! (Well, technically I finished the writing portion. Now I'm in the editing/revising/getting it published phase. But writing sounds so much better and encapsulates the whole shebang.)

P.S. I believe we are ALL artists. Some of us just don't call it that ; )