Tuesday, August 9, 2011

From Going Broke to Breakin' The Bank

It seems my own series of financial difficulties these days are mirrored in the current economic crisis of our country. While I work 10+ hours days to cover my debts until being reimbursed by my college's financial aid awards, the rest of the country seems poised for another recession. As I bust my completely literal ass to get and keep out of the red, it seems the point of doing so is becoming more and more irrelevant when the DOW closes below 630 and jobs are about to disappear -- again and still -- in this Great Recession.

And to that, John Boehner can only say, "I'm happy; I got 98% of what I wanted."

I'm so tired I can't even be mad anymore. Just disappointed. Disappointed that the Republicans really wanted to wreck the economy to gain some political capital. Disappointed that the Tea Party really is just bunch of insane fanatics hell-bent on restructuring our country to become a Dark Ages version of itself. But I'm the most disappointed in our President, my President, who when push came to shove on fixing this economy... well, he was pushed, and shoved, and caved in to Republican demands to cut spending without any revenue increases AT ALL.

Yes, that's right, we're going to cut spending on medicare, medicaid, social security, education, roads, government jobs, and other social programs, but we're not going to make rich people pay their fucking taxes.

While I and millions of others like me around the country work ourselves to the bone to pay for our education, for our bills, our food, our clothes, and even our Goddamn taxes, the wealthiest members of this country are going to again get-out of paying their fair share. Big business corporations and Wall Street are going to again be bailed out, appeased, and otherwise allowed to continue ripping off the American public's money while paying next-to-none of it back. Tax breaks, loop holes, and other tricks of their trade will continue while average Americans struggle to even find a job. Incentives and low-interest rates will continue to be awarded to companies who's sole purpose is a profit for themselves, as they ship jobs overseas to the sound of some random executive's Golden Parachute being filled with another bonus for helping to wrecking our economy.

I'm disappointed because I know that at the beginning of next year things are going to get really bad. They're going to be tough for the middle-class, and for all the rest of us below that it's going to be worse than cutting through fat. We're going to be cutting to the bone. The next year will see financial hardship and economic ruin on par with the Great Depression at this rate. It won't be nearly 10% unemployment, but 25%, 30%, even peaking near 50% unemployment.

And meanwhile, all the money that should be paid to the government by big businesses and wealthy Americans will be floating around in some private bank account, or trading imaginary securities as millions of people struggle to get by on food-stamps.

It's a shame to say, but our country has gone from bad to worse in my lifetime. From marginally racist, classist, sexist, and generally incompetent, to extremely racist, classist, sexist, and dangerously stupid. (Take the Tea Party as a prime example.) I've watched the Clinton era surplus fund two wars (one we didn't even need to fight), fund privatization of healthcare, fund big business bail-outs, fund tax breaks, loopholes, and a whole host of other symptoms that identify the sickness with which we are afflicted.

Shoot, we're so broke we had to retire the Space Shuttle!

But I digress. Going to space won't stop us from going broke.

But when a combination of global warming, economic collapse, water shortage, war, famine, disease, and everything else turns the Earth into a steaming hunk of uninhabitable wasteland a la Mad Max, my only hope is there are some seats to Mars left for me and my girlfriend.


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Student of the World said...

Zeck Im not sure if I'm even going to vote at all this election.

Do you think it matters who gets elected at this point? Both parties, especially the democrats have made it expressly clear that they don't give a damn about the average person. It's not even the lesser of two evils. It's two slightly different kinds of evil. Neither of which I find palatable.

I dunno, I'm sooo apathetic.

Zek J Evets said...


Oh I'll still vote, if only to feel more self-righteous about what the outcomes.

However, I think you're giving the Dems too much credit. The GOP has been in the pocket of big business and screwing the average American for decades -- the Dems are just barely getting into the swing of things, yet they still "try" to do stuff for us regular folk. (Healthcare, better tax-codes, the CPB, etc.)

But yeah... I'm just completely apathetic.

Brotha Wolf said...

I think I'm already there...apathetic that is.

I think in the end no matter who gets elected, someone's gonna get screwed and it's usually someone that earns less than a five-figure income.

Student of the World said...

Brotha Wolf & Zek,

Oh always. How long do you guys think it will be before the London riots come to cities in the US?

Mira said...

I don't know what to say. What you describe here is quite "normal" in my part of the world. It doesn't make it fair or normal in the true sense of the word, but unfortunately I don't know how to help.

Plus, I am scared that it will spread to the rest of the world. American problems always do.

Franklin said...

Ugh, glad to see you're still hanging in there Zek. It's rough out there for everyone, dude. I'm glad that I do a little better than "break even" every month. With Republicans holding the country hostage with their stubborness and blaming it on the president, things are looking quite bleak.