Monday, July 11, 2011

Living With The Dursleys of San Francisco

Dealing with irrational people is rather like dealing with a child on crack while attempting to communicate to them in a foreign language. The problem with irrational people is that because they're irrational, they frequently cannot understand the logic or reason which you would normally employ to enlighten them, nor do they care to because anything you say is an attack on them and how dare you call them dramatic! The worst part is when you dissect every irrational assumption they've made, when you've rebutted or refuted their points, when you've basically broken down what they've said into why it was wrong and how it was irrational as well as what actually happened... and then after all this they say, "okay well whatever just forget it, but do you understand my point?"

To which I can only reply, "you mean the point I just left lying there dead on the floor?"


3 footnotes:

Herneith said...

That sounds like some people I have come across. They personalize everthing you say to them and are usually taciturn and miserable in general. In the past I would try to explain my point of view. However, for the most part, you can not teach a dog new tricks, and I will not even try. I just ignore them and do not give any response. This is in the real world. I deflet their nonsense with nonsense. They ain't interested in 'debating', 'discussing', or anything resembling a conversation. What they are intersting is parading their pathology for attention or some kind of self-worth boost. There are early warning signs although some are insideous. Anywho, run, don't walk away from these toxic people. If online, just tell them to go 'fuck themselves with a wire brush', or something to that effect, depending on your mood.

Brotha Wolf said...


Thank you!

Zek J. Evets said...

For me the problem is when these people are in a couple. They seem united in their irrational worldview and simply cannot understand you when you talk sense to them. They just cock their heads and look confused. It'd be sad if it was so damned infuriating sometimes.