Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Here's the Happenstance

Hey ya'll.

I know, I've been kind of a no-show lately. Publishing some comments 'n' such, but not really doing any posting. I apologize. Been busy. Been VERY busy.

Currently I work as an office administrator for a popular tour company here in SF at the Wharf. I'm promoting my weekly open-mic in the Lower Haight via a flurry of gigs and an interview on Pirate Cat Radio (Wednesday after next). I'm also revising my upcoming book... which always seems to be upcoming and never just coming out. Finally I've been dealing with the usual hassles of being basically broke, cutting through the ish, and generally working my kosher ass off to stay ahead of my problems. What'd Rick Ross say? Every day I'm hustlin'.

But nonetheless, I apologize and beg your indulgence during these tumultuous times as I get my shit together. I'll post again soon.

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proudchocolategirl said...

nice blog zek j evets... - proudchocolate girl aka peanut (from abagonds)

Zek J. Evets said...


Thanks =)