Wednesday, March 9, 2011

21st Century Scientific Racism

I've been getting into a lot of conversations over at [Abagond's Place recently]. The hotly debated topic has centered about the connection between [Race, Genetics, and IQ].

The cast of characters and caricatures is myriad: bloggers, social-scientists, race realists, game afficionados, HBDers, anthropologists, biologists, geneticists, and the occasional troll.

I encourage you to [peruse the insanity] before continuing further. This post will be my own personal take, and rant, on the issue. ***Author's Note: there will be some profanity and delicate subjects being raked over the coals. Probably NSFW. Please read at your own discretion.***

Okay, now that we've gotten past the foreplay, I can get down to the nitty gritty with ya'll.

The debate is basically Us & Them. Race realist HBDers versus regular folks.

(For a definition of race realism and HBD [see here].)

The contention on the HBD-side is that race is genetic. You are Black because of your genes. You are White because of your genes. Race is, first and foremost, biologically predetermined. And the further argument is that this impacts your intelligence. The racial hierarchy among [Human Bio-Diversity] racists race realists goes Asians, Whites, Hispanics/Mixed, and then Blacks at the bottom. This hierarchy includes all sorts of caveats to presuppose the superiority of White people, such as Asians being smart but less masculine, less creative, and Black people being strong, good at sports/music/dancing, but stupid, violent, aggressive, and generally primitive.

The contention by us regular folks is that Race is a sociocultural construct, based on a combination of physiological/phenotypic features, stereotypes, a long history of institutional racism, colonialism, and other forms of oppression. Human variation exists, but it is not significant enough, or has existed long enough to create fundamental -- genetic -- differences in IQ and other traits based on such an ambiguous category as Race.

Here's the problem with these so-called "race realists" and HBDers:


That's it, basically.

But allow me to go into detail. There are a few Very Important mistakes they make:

1. Correlation does not equal causation

Just because you notice a trend toward Black people in America being convicted for more crimes, does not mean that Black people are inherently more criminal. Just because you see Black people not doing as good in school as other groups, does not mean that Black people are inherently stupid.

These fuckwits actually believe that the playing-field in America is equal, and that the proof of other Races inferiority is evident in how badly they perform compared to Whites!

Oh ye of such ignorance! They must think racism ended when slavery did! And that Obama is proof of there being no more racism in America. But, of course, they also think Obama is only president because he's part-White, and so not as stupid as other Black people... Except other Black people in America are partly-White too.

The idiocy. It hurts.

And funny enough, these same racist douchebags probably ignore all of the White people killing, committing crimes, and generally doing Bad Things, often at a far more devastating level due to the power White people hold in the world. Which leads me to my next point...

2. Confirmation Bias

HBDers are incapable of thinking outside the dogmatic little box they've dug their ostrich-like heads into. Because if they could, they'd notice they ignore evidence of exceptions to their rules as disproving their rules!

I'm sorry, but in SCIENCE, if you have an "exception" to the "rule", then you've basically just disproved yourself. There's a reason the theory of gravity is still around -- because no one's had an instance where it didn't work.

Stupid, athletic White people exist. Smart Black people who can't dance exist.

And not all Jews are rich.

(Yes, HBDers like to stereotype Jews, and shove us into their fuckwit-based IQ-based racial hierarchy -- somewhere around East Asians -- and we're supposedly rich to boot, but the fact is: they're engaging in confirmation-bias again.)

By hyperfocusing on examples which reinforce their ignorant pseudo-science, HBDers miss so much diversity that when they go out into the world, they're rather like the poor English scientists who realized that, by gosh by golly by gee! [Black Swans do exist!]

 3. Lack of Expertise

So many "race realists" on the interwebs -- from Half Sigma to Obsidian to Uncle Milton -- are, in fact, laymen in the fields they've chosen to impose their own racist agenda. They're not geneticists, biologists, anthropologists, or any kind of scientist. They're fucking Regular Joe Shmoe, attempting to debate issues which are so complicated that most people need a PhD to understand them.

And the only credentials these guys have is some bullshit diploma-factory degree in Armchair Academics.

Many of the most prevalent HBD & race realist personas in the public sphere are:

Steve Sailer. Journalist/computer salesman.
J. Philippe Rushton. Psychologist.
Francis Fukuyama. Political Economist.
Steve Hsu. Astrophysicist.
Richard Herrnstein. Psychologist.
Charles Murray. Political Scientist.
Arthur Jensen. Psychology Professor.

Notice anything in common? NONE OF THESE GUYS HAS ANY EXPERTISE IN THE FIELD! Not a single one of them is a biologist, geneticist, or forensic anthropologist. Only one is even in a "hard science" field, and it's not even remotely related! I mean, don't you think that if you're going to make extremely controversial assertions that race, genetics, and IQ are interrelated you should... Oh, I don't know... Have some expertise in the fucking field of bio-anthro-genetics!? But hey, maybe that's just me.

Anyways, the Holy Bible of this neo-scientific racism is: The Bell Curve.

They quote it like holy scripture, reciting it like Westboro Baptists recite homophobic slurs at military funerals.

Unfortunately for them, The Bell Curve has been disproven so many times, [I can hardly stand to list them all]. (Check the bottom of the article for all the sources.) And yet, they keep trying to shove it down our throats... Oy vey.

My personal recommendations when dealing with these special brand of racists are:

Guns, Germs, and Steel. Jared Diamond.
The Mismeasure of Man. Stephen Jay Gould.
Genes, Peoples, and Languages. Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza.
Man's Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Human Race. Ashley Montagu.

Those books above are rather helpful to overcome the dogmatic indoctrination found among HBDers, race realists, and even everyday folks. Trust me, and my professional opinion: they have good answers to hard questions.

But in the meantime, Steve Sailer needs to sit his racist ass down, and let the Grown-Ups talk. Just because you were once a movie critic for The American Conservative does not make you an expert in bio-genetics. Please, go find someone to sell a computer, since that's what you actually do for a living.

Meanwhile, Murray and Herrnstein need to get over everyone hating on their work, and realize they're just a couple of racists in-denial. When you publish a book basically calling for an end to welfare, social justice, and advocating for eugenics programs, you've gone so far off the reservation, not even my car's GPS can find you.

As for Steve Hsu... Oy vey. That guy, you can tell REALLY wants to be White. But listen here Stevie...

YOU'RE NOT WHITE. Stop trying to be. And stop being a racist douchebag. Seriously. You're doing it wrong anyways.

4. Conspiracy Theories

 The problem with many HBDers and race realists is that they like to go on and on (and on) about that it's only because of PC Leftists and Liberals having a stranglehold on America that HBD and race-realism isn't openly acknowledged.

Yet in the same breath they list supposedly vast groups of people who believe this asinine bullshit. They say this "science" is widely accepted among scientists in the field, and is such a simple fact, but that only because of political correctness and a liberal media shame-machine that people can't talk about it.

The hypocrisy is staggeringly blinding.

Their insistence that race-realism and HBD are secretly true smacks of the self-same arguments used by Creationists to foist "intelligent design" into classrooms. They pretend that science is divided on the issue, and try to undermine the research done on the subject, portraying people's work as quite the opposite of what they say it is. And the whole time, yelling, raving, that the establishment is trying to cover it up!

They talk of conspiracy theories like a crazy person. Like some ancient McCarthyite resurrected from the depths of the 50's Red Scare. They call us indoctrinated, and yet cannot see the blatant mantra's echoing from their very core. Like a zombie, moaning for... BRAAAAAAAAAAIIIINNNSSSS!

It'd be sad if it weren't so offensive.

And those are the key, fundamental flaws in the race realist, HBD world.

As an anthropologist (y'know, someone who actually studies this stuff) I can tell ya that they're so full of racist shit, it's hard to separate the hater from the hatred.

But in all seriousness, there is no connection between race, IQ, and genetics. Being whatever race does not in any way, shape, or form predispose you to a certain level of IQ.

How smart you are is dependent on where you're born, when you were born, a smidgen of your parents genes, and the rest... well, the rest depends on you. [Even a dumbass can become president], so keep that in mind.

As for me, I'm tired of rolling in the mud with the pig-fuckers. Time for me to draw this post to a close.


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Mira said...

This is so typical. You write a fantastic, intelligent post, and nobody comments (including me :D).

The more I think about this crap (HBDers, not your excellent post), the more I realize how "clever" is to include Asians at the top of IQ hierarchy. It "proves" they are not racist whites; just realists.

See, they admit whites are not the best in intelligence! Oh, and they also admit whites can't dance!

The thing is, they don't really let anything "good" go. Sure, Asians might be a bit smarter, but "real men" could sacrifice a few IQ points to get masculinity, and imagine that, whites happen to be perfect for this! Sure, they still can't dance, or maybe don't jump as high as blacks, but it's not like they value those things that much anyway.

Stupid, athletic White people exist.

Tell me about it...

Oh, and something about HBDers being Average Joes instead of experts... WTF is wrong with that people? They all seem to think anthropology is something so basic anybody can understand it without any formal training, use it, abuse it and leave it when they're done?

I mean, if anybody can be an anthropologist, then why are there colleges and universities teaching people how to become one? If you don't need a day of training?

Zek J. Evets said...

@Mira: Haha! I don't complain much anymore that people don't comment. Most of the time people just look and then go about their business. (I have a high views:comment ratio.)

See, they admit whites are not the best in intelligence! Oh, and they also admit whites can't dance!

I know, right!? They think because they concede on things they never cared much for anyways, that somehow the bulk of what they're saying isn't racist somehow. It's strange too. Just because you believe racist things about everyone doesn't make them any less racist. I mean, sure you're being consistent, but consistently racist ; )

hey all seem to think anthropology is something so basic anybody can understand it

Again, I know right!?!?!? I mean, how inflated of an opinion of their intelligence do they have? Must be pretty egotistical, since they think they're the realists! Haha, oy vey.

But so it goes. I've been arguing with these guys back & forth, and they have yet to understand a single thing. Just regurgitation. Even though the lights are on, you can tell there's nobody home.

Chuckwiththehippo said...

Zek J Evets,

When you get around to it, could you reply to my post. Maybe you could make a list of any objections that I missed so that I can mow them down.

Zek J. Evets said...


I already made essay-length objections to your arguments, and plenty on this very post as well. Honestly though, my scientific objections are at Abagond's. This post is more my personal rantings.

However, as I said before, debating with you obviously requires more time than I am willing to give because you need to be led by the hand towards the answers =/

So, if you want to "mow" anything down, please go find some grass to spew your racist fertilizer on. Because this field ain't taking weeds.

Q & A said...

No mention of Francis Crick or James Watson? Is that because they have the _wrong_ views?

Zek J. Evets said...

Q & A:

No discussion of Francis Crick or James Watson because while they're talented geneticists, they don't know dick about IQ. They accept the measurements at face value, even though we know they're methodologically flawed, and represent a gloss of traits with low repeatability.

Herneith said...


That is the only rebuttal they will ever need, the counter to their maniacal beliefs! They are not 'debating' you. They seek to insult people's intelligence with half-assed rants on inferior IQs of the kneegrows, the superior IQs of Asians, Jews and whites. Make no mistake, they despise Jews and Asians and use these groups to counter accusations of racism. That is all they are trying to accomplish, bullshit.

Will their lunacy ever end? If nothing else, they provide endless fodder for hilarity and jocularity. The only drawback is some people may read these posts and think there is something to what they write seeing as how they are verbose and love citing academic articles, Wikipedia, and anything else they can get their slimy hands. I love how they use selective quotes!

Their backhanded 'complements' to Jews are equally nauseating. I can't stand anti-Semites, regardless of what group the anti-semite comes from! I equally detest racists, especially those who practice racism systemically. I much prefer the blatant ones! Anyhow at the risk of sounding like some of them, I'll stop here. Keep up the good fight!

Zek J. Evets said...


I moderate comments on my blog, so you'll need to rephrase your statements in order to have a rational discussion. If you feel this policy is unfair, then you are, of course, free to not comment. This is a personal blog, and as such my rules -- no matter how unfair YOU perceive them to be -- are The Rules.

John Paul Dawkins said...

Good post. It's very similar to what I posted a while ago.

I would also add that HBDers are heavily focused on black people.

HBD is really just a political doctrine that is trying to justify the "natural hierarchy".

Zek J. Evets said...

John Paul Dawkins,

Thanks! Totally agree with what you're saying. I added your blog to my blogroll to follow up on your opinions.

Satanforce said...

I don't like Mismeasure of Man. Too unreliable. Too biased. IQ: A Smart History of Dumb Idea does a better job. Oh and web search "Liberal Race Realism." Then cry. and LOL. Then LOL some more.

Oh, and "Human Biodiversity" by anthropologist Jonathan Marks can be considered a modern rebuttal to HBD (1995)

Zek J. Evets said...


Well, when I last read Mismeasure of Man (about 1yr ago, I believe) I remember it being rather powerful; it certainly argued against scientific-racism, so I guess you could call that a bias, but certainly not an unreliable one.

Anyhoo, thanks for the tips! I'll check out the sources you mentioned.

Satanforce said...

The Mismeasure of Man (TMmoM) is their fruit fly. The HBDers have basically expended the effort of a cottage industry to debunk it. But among its flaws are:

His analysis of Morton's cranial measurements have been thoroughly debunked

Full Paper

He misunderstands factor analysis

He misrepresents g(its a measure of something, just not anything anyone sensible would call intelligence)

Nevertheless, I'll dig up some papers that show that cranial capacity is not causitive of intelligence