Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Navigating ZSA

Hey ya'll!

I very rarely do posts like this, however, I feel the need to inform everyone that here at Zeitgeist of the Saboteur Academia, we've made some changes. Have you noticed...? No...?


(Kidding! I can totally believe it.)

[Warning: post contains pictures which may be NSFW.]

Anyhoo, the layout of the blog has been updated to incorporate more of the space on the page, and we've even added some nifty new gadgets!

1. A Look-eee-Loos counter, to keep track of how popular I am.

2. A Blogodex. This patent-pending machine was created by our most talented ZSA social-scientists to address some of the complaints I've heard from people about the difficulty in finding old posts on the blog.

Well, with this lil' number, all you do is just type in the word, phrase, subject, anything and PRESTO CHANGE-O! You'll be directed to the appropriate info.

I hope ya'll appreciate this magnanimous gesture.

3. Please take advantage of the Archives and Keywords section of the blog as secondary tools when searching for anything. They've been scrubbed and brushed just for you! So go say wassup, okay?

4. Look out for the sub-heading below the blog title, as this section will be changing every week or so, with funny phrases being rotated to suit the humor of the times. (Suggestions are WELCOME & ENCOURAGED.)

5. Commenting Policy! ***Important Information*** As of now, ZSA no longer accepts anonymous comments except on a case-by-case basis. That means: if you want to comment, pick a name. If you don't, I'll likely send you to... The Spam Folder of Purgatoria!!!

But seriously, I'm getting sick of the anonymous commenters taking pot-shots. Don't be a coward; pick a handle and stand by your comments.

Well, that should about do it for the updates...

We at the ZSA thank you for your cooperation and enthusiasm during this makeover and appreciate your continued consumption of our awkward jokes, our obscure references, and most of all...

Our Very Inappropriate Pictures of Natalie Portman


9 footnotes:

Anonymous said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa...Natalie Portman?!?

Zek J. Evets said...

@jasmin: haha, uhhmmmm....

i love you darling! =)


Natasha W said...

I like the new look.

That Natalie Portman pic... uhh, let's just say if my SO did that things would become a little interesting. Plus, some people are not surfing from home, are you trying to get them in trouble?

Zek J. Evets said...

@Natasha: Thanks! I'm enjoying the new layout as well.

I wonder what you mean by "interesting", haha... But in reality this is just tit-for-tat, back when Jasmin posted gratuitous pictures of some Jewish men's chests... ; )

But I hadn't considered that some people would be reading this from work, and I apologize. In the future I'll remember to add in NSFW when the content may be inappropriate for a work environment.

That said, I like the pic and thought it was pretty funny. Maybe I'll do more "hot lists", like Jasmin's been doing.

Mira said...

WTF, Natalie Portman?!? Didn't you realize most of your readers are females?

I like new layout, though.

Zek J. Evets said...

@mira: Haha, it's hilarious how you ladies are getting all worked up over poor poor Natalie Portman ; )

But yeah, I guess my readership IS mostly women. (Wonder what that says about me.) However, I'm willing to bet I've got a fairly sizable group of male-lurkers who appreciated the gratuitous picture, hehehe.

Natasha W said...


"But in reality this is just tit-for-tat, back when Jasmin posted gratuitous pictures of some Jewish men's chests... ; )"

That would only work if you posted a black woman. Switch it to Gabrielle Union or Garcelle Beauvais. Or something.

Mira said...

It's nothing against Natalie, at least on my part. But I must admit I'd strongly prefer a naked male celebrity instead of her.

Many blog owners find that most of their commenters are females. So it says nothing about you or your blog, I think.

Zek J. Evets said...

@Natasha: Hmm, true... But then I guess I meant tit-for-tat in the general sense of pics of women vs pics of men.

@Mira: Well OF COURSE you'd prefer a naked/semi-naked male celebrity to her =P

But since we're at my blog, I feel the need to represent probably the only JAP (Jewish American Princess) that I actually like.

However, if ya'll want I can start including all the celebrity women I find attractive. Just for kicks ; )