Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Faux News

I was recently watching [masterful takedown of FNC by John Stewart], and what truly made me laugh was not the well-crafted humor of The Daily Show's staff, but the inescapable truth behind the jokes.

For those of you who actually watch Fox News, I'm sorry to say but you're being BRAINWASHED! (More than usual, at least.)

Because Fox is a corporate bastion of tabloid journalism, racing to the bottom while convincing you they're going the completely opposite direction. They're magicians and conjurers and con-artists, oh my!

See here a few videos that prove my point:

(Note: my Facebook readers may not be able to view the videos, so I'll post the links below each one for your convenience.)




And here are some great articles from Media Matters:

[News Corp admits Fox news is biased.]

[Fox intentionally obfuscates climate research.]

[FNC donates free advertising and donations to GOP peeps.]

So basically... Fox News uses tabloid journalism, scare-tactics, and obvious tricks to promote a conservative-Republican agenda that isn't news at all, but is actually propaganda.

Well, so it goes.


2 footnotes:

Natasha W said...

Oh, people watch Fox News for real?

I thought they just watched it to see what stupid stuff they are saying lately

Zek J Evets said...

@natasha: haha, i know my dad's girlfriend watches =/

but yeah, i hear lots of people watch fox just to see the stupidity.