Sunday, February 13, 2011

Do I Hate Veterans?

Recently someone once told me, "Zek, stop hating veterans, asshole."

The comment was so random I didn't even make my customary witty retort. Instead, I just looked at them blankly, confused -- and wondering furiously how they reached the conclusion which prompted their statement.

Eventually though, it all made sense...

See, because I dared to criticize those who serve in the military, I am suddenly "hating." (See my [previous post].)

But I don't hate veterans. That would be as silly as loving them. I don't love or hate groups -- not of race, or sex, or class, or whatever. (Except Nazis. That's a group I can hate. And Klan members.) Hating individuals is easy, because sometimes people suck. But hating an entire group of people? That's just nonsensical. It's like trying to punch an abstract in the face.

However, in this country, there's so much dick-riding of the military that even questioning them is considered tantamount to being a communist terrorist. That's why this person told me to "stop hating", because to him and the rest of America, criticism or questioning = hating.

Gotta support the troops 100%! Even when they kill civilians, or when they kill journalists, or when they destroy families, homes. Even when they act as gangsters for corporate capitalism. Even when they volunteer willingly to become murders and thieves.

Who's freedom are they protecting? Not mine. Not yours either.

The only freedom the military protects is the freedom for old men to get rich while young men die trying and the rest of the world goes to hell in a gun-running hand-basket.

Honestly, I don't hate veterans, or people who actively serve. But I damn sure don't trust them. Because I can't trust someone who volunteers to kill, or be party to killing. (Forget the reasons; we know they're bullshit.)

What we're in danger from is not in some Third World country -- it's the crime in our cities, the poverty in our populace, and the sheer hatred and ignorance in our culture that's the danger to America. It's the nuclear arsenal, and the lack of brotherhood between our fellow nations.

But whatever. We know people don't sign up to protect America's freedom. The military is welfare for White people. It's a job-training program. It's a machine that turns humans into machines. (Circular irony?) They sign up to kill and die -- provided they get paid.

But like I said, I don't hate veterans. I don't hate them because I don't love them. I'm afraid, yes, and worried certainly, and most definitely I don't trust them, but strong emotions like hate? No, not at all.

What I am filled with is uncertainty. I just don't know. So what do you do when you just don't know? You judge.

And I damn sure am a judging judger.

In the end, the only conclusions I can reach is that people who join the military, served in the military, or idolize the military are people whom I can only give my pity to. I mourn them in a sense, and feel a dull pain in my chest thinking of what they stand for as a part of...

So it goes.


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veteran donations said...

Well, I do see your point and you are certainly entitled to your own opinion. It is not about what a veteran has done to you or the country. They still sacrificed their life for a cause. You might not agree with government and war, but they still should be respected.Thank you for sharing your viewpoint.

Zek J. Evets said...

@veteran donations:

I'm not sure how you mean "sacrificed their life for a cause", because there are veterans who are still alive, right?

However, I agree they should be respected, but maybe not in a very humanizing way. I respect veterans the same way I respect anything else that is dangerous: by being wary of it.

By the way, I checked out your website, and I think it's a really creative idea! I hope you guys are doing a lot of good.

Natasha W said...

"I agree they should be respected, but maybe not in a very humanizing way. I respect veterans the same way I respect anything else that is dangerous: by being wary of it."


I'm ambivalent towards veterans. But I'm not too fond of the military in general.

Zek J. Evets said...

@natasha: yeah, i guess that did sound kind of harsh, but it's also the truth for me. and i'm definitely not fond of the military in general either.