Sunday, December 19, 2010

Socio-Political Industry

In these modern days there are so many new commercialized forms of hypocrisy and oppression that I can barely keep track. However, here are my top six favorites to bash, criticize, and otherwise put on blast whenever I can, because they are just that damn shitty:

1. The Military-Industrial complex.

Example: [Eisenhower]

2. The Prison-Industrial complex.

Example: [The reason why it's better to go to school in prison than a CSU]

3. The Sexual-Grievance-Industrial complex.

Example: [UC Davis Sexual Violence-Prevention Director Inflates Rape Numbers To Get More Money]

4. The Educational-Industrial complex.

Example: [California's Taj Mahal School]

5. The Cultural-Industrial complex.

Example: [Big-Box Fixies for Lazy Hipsters]

6. The Health-Care-Industrial complex.

Example: [Why Free Healthcare was killed]


2 footnotes:

Mira said...

About the health care system: I hate when Americans point that they are the only rich country without universal health care, as if only rich countries have/had it.

My country was never rich, and we had free health care. It was considered one of the basic human rights.

It's not like this anymore. It's still better than in the US, but capitalism killed a good part of it (no more free dentist care!) and it's a bad, bad thing!

But free health care is definitely not something that only a rich country could afford!

As for the rape statistics, I find it disrespectful for the victims and he general public to misinform people about this serious issue. Not telling the truth is not the best thing to do.

Zek J. Evets said...


health care is a WHOOOOOLE other issue for me. personally, i'm still pissed we don't have a public option here in america, but i also think it's funny how countries the US considers itself "better than" (whatever that means) have better standards of living for their citizens than we do! and that includes healthcare, education, food, infrastructure, etc.

as for the rape stat article, i was disgusted to find that! i mean, i understand rape is a serious problem that is hard to follow through on, but when people use a serious issue to advance their own agenda, it's not just disrespectful to real victims, but it's sadistic to the people who get caught in their way.