Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Super Nostalgia

I'm one of those nineties gamer kids who grew up around the Second Coming of the Golden Age of Video Games.

You know what my lunch money, yard sale cash, allowance, and a few dollars "borrowed" from my parents went to? It went straight into saving for my SNES.

Sure, I'd already convinced them to get me a regular ol' NES on my 6th birthday, but after seeing the epic godliness of the SUPER NES in action at a classmate's house, I had to have one. It was kismet. We were destined to be together like Romeo and Juliet, like PB&J, like peas in a pod in a bowl of edamame!

Okay, maybe that was a tad much -- but you know what I mean!

Well, I got my console, and haven't looked back since. Even in this age of fancy shmancy consoles like Playstation and Xbox 360, I still play my yellowed-with-age Super Nintendo. I'm a hardcore gamer, but there's something about that system that just completes me. Like a missing jigsaw piece.

Nowadays, I spend what little free cash I have that doesn't go to sushi delivery or reaaaally late-night pizza goes to hunting down old SNES titles via Amazon, eBay, and other websites in order to relive the glory days of my childhood summers spent pounding on plastic controller buttons instead of hanging out in 7-11 looking at porn-mags like the other cool kids.

But while I've already collected together some of my all-time favs (Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario RPG, Street Fighter, Legend of Zelda, etc.) there are still some that I've yet to get. Here are my top five wish-list titles that I'm currently in the market for (in ascending order):

1. TMNT IV: Turtles in Time.

Originally an arcade game, this SNES port updated the control-interface and added new bosses with better graphics. As a fan of the original Saturday morning cartoon on ABC, I can honestly say that TMNT is a franchise of LEET status. This game also features new moves, as well as a vs-mode, which makes the replay-value skyrocket. (Especially since the game only takes maybe two hours tops to beat for your average noob.) The best part for me is the elevator fight sequence, and of course the 16-bit theme song from the original cartoon!

2. X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse.

This one is also inspired by the original 90's Saturday morning cartoon. The game features a choice of characters (a selection of X-men) who each have specific missions to complete. As you progress in the game, suddenly two final bosses will appear that unlock all the missions in order to propel you to the final confrontation. My main reason for wanting this game is the incredible faithfulness to the comic & cartoon, as well as the easy fight modes that make for hours of enjoyment just killing various enemies.

3. Super Castlevania IV.

While the original version for NES was fun times, this version is just too awesome for proper words. The music score alone is a stand-alone soundtrack album that has inspired math-rock bands across the world. But don't let that distract you from the gameplay which is quite amazing too. The whole plot takes from European folklore, Greek mythology, and modern monster mash to create a game that makes vampires cool. (Unlike that craptacular Twilight mess.) Best part of the game is fighting Dracula. Hands down one of the more fun boss fights in a video game.

4. Mega Man X3.

Now, those of you in the "know" probably think that Mega Man X is better, but I tell you now this is NOT TRUE! X3 takes the proverbial cake due to enhanced graphics, better story-line with multiple possible endings, and you get to control the totally awesome character of Zero! (He's like X, only more conflicted, and with better weapons.) In the end, the whole concept of multiple endings probably does it for me the best, but overall the gameplay is just damn fun.

5. Earthbound.

Okay, now this game is hard to get! I mean, I've looked all over the internets and the cost for the SNES cartridge version -- used -- is well over fifty bones! I mean, it is a classic... but damn. The storyline follows a character named Ness (who is basically a hilarious parody of 1950's Americana) and other friends he finds along the way, as they investigate a meteorite where a being named Buzz Buzz charges Ness with defeating an inter-galactic menace who in the future will become too powerful, but in the present is just barely possible to beat. Ness joins forces with various people from Earth to gain the strength to defeat the enemy, named Giygas, and save the day!

This game is a cult classic for it's amazing animation, score, gameplay, plot, and Americana parody style that is just SOOO AWESOME! Do I sound like a fanboy? Because I totally am for this game.


I also really want to buy [this] which is a Retro Duo Twin Console that plays both NES AND SNES games! Drool... I mean, with this I could literally waste my life... If only.

Le sigh... Okay, I'm done geeking out for the moment ya'll. Enjoy this taste of nostalgia, because lawd knows when I'll have the free time to enjoy it myself too.


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