Friday, November 19, 2010

My Life in Quotations

Quotes to me are among the most important pieces of wisdom mankind can utilize. Quotes contain so much in such a small space. They are perfect for the Saboteur Academic who's on the go and can't be bothered lugging large boxes of wisdom around all the time.

This is a piece I've been continuously adding to, which is a collection of quotations about my life inspired by people I've known, and here's what I've got so far...

I remember the first words I heard. They were in Yiddish

I remember the first words I spoke. They were in Spanish.

I remember the cooing of my mother, and the grunts of my father, like a secret language I was supposed to know but never learn.

I remember the skeptical lip-twists of my brother.

I remember the advice of aunts, and uncles, and strangers, like I gave a shit.

I remember the stories from my grandparents about golems.

I remember the jokes friends to cover the awkward silences.

I remember the whispers of my lover convoluted like the bedsheets.

I remember the news-casters and politicians and advertisements struggling to hold my earlobe between their fingers.

I remember the cautions of my nanny, as she shuttered the blinds during afternoon naps, or flickered my night-light in the dark, she would tell me "never sleep in absolutes."

I remember the rumors between classmates about girl's skirts.

I remember the secrets I shared with the wall.

I remember the words of lifetimes, carelessly spoken in my direction, as if only I among men could understand them.

I remember the confidantes of drunken weekends.

I remember the flirtatious come-fuck-me-eyes.

I remember the fans' congratulations.

I remember the impressed musicians, asking to jam.

I remember the philosophical anecdotes delivered by homeless men lying on a bench.

I remember the last gasps of pregnant women cursing the husband but loving their fetus.

I remember the day I said I love you.

I remember the day I knew what it meant.

I remember when she died. It was before she actually died.

I remember that one-second time-stopped, but what happened?

I remember playing chess with my father, and he lost.

I remember the first time I layed flowers in the sea. They disappeared so quickly.

And so on.


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