Saturday, October 2, 2010

Point of Order

Obviously I've been a bit lax in my bloggings. Can't be helped. I've been so busy doing so many other things that my neglect is becoming a habit. Unfortunately. However, I hope to change that at my earliest convenience with some primo blog-stuff.

For now allow me to relate a few things of interest to ya'll because they're just that blogworthy.

1. [10 Lesser Known Mysteries]

[The Sonics -- Have Love Will Travel]

3. [Female Tucker Max -- And Her "Fuck List"]

4. [Another Reason Not To Like Meg Whitman]

[New favorite Gustave DorĂ© sketch] 

[Harvard Sailing Team, Boys Will Be Girls video]

[Harvard Sailing Team, Girls Will Be Boys, rebuttal]

Anyhoo, that's all the glorious webjunk for now.


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