Monday, October 11, 2010

More Links

I seem to be in the mood for passing good stuff along more than creating it myself. Hopefully the awesomeness will leak into me!

Anyhoo, enjoy!

1. [Mad Men's Race Problem]

This is an article that makes me wonder. Is it possible to write intelligent sociocultural commentary using a popular television show? Because that's definitely my next blogging trend.

2. [Average of Nations by Penis Size]

This is a satire on a new study about how big the average size for penises are, by country. It's pretty much Eurocentric, I feel, but you can also look to see how other countries in the global-south compare too.

***AUTHOR'S NOTE: the above link is broken. I have attached a new link to something similar. [Everyone Web] ***


Awesome video of original East Oakland Turf dancing straight from the Hyphy movement.

5 footnotes:

Mira said...

Of course it's possible to do an intelligent sociocultural commentary based on a TV show (or any popular culture). Media and pop culture are very, very important for the world of today and studying them is as important as any "serious" research. Popular culture speaks volumes.

As for the other links, I can't open the video and I don't believe there's an accurate way (serious or not) to determine what's an average penis size :D so the first link is definitely my favourite here.

Zek J. Evets said...

indeed, it is. maybe i'm so amazed because i feel like that aspect of writing/commentary is difficult for me.

you can't open the video? that's strange. it should work fine, since i just tried it. it's on youtube, under the yakfilms channel.

Mira said...


Everything's fine. I just can't open any youtube videos on other computer. I can open it now.

Mira said...

Oh... Penis link doesn't work anymore. :(

Zek J. Evets said...

@mira: the penis link got taken down apparently. i guess certain stories on HRO only stay up for a few days. sorries! i'll try to find a different link to something like it though.