Thursday, September 23, 2010

Life of a Gamer

You know you're a hardcore grinder when you stay up till 5 AM leveling up your avatar and farming cheap items to sell to newbies at major spawn points for radically inflated prices before going on a raid with your guild to finally finish the last dregs of your quest-log.

Meanwhile the Hot-Pockets are stale, and the Dr. Pepper is flat. Your hair is greasy from running your crumby hands through it, and your eyes are beady reflections of the computer screen because you can see the ticker better with high res in low light. Your back is cramped but you can't notice because you haven't gotten up in six hours since you last used the restroom. The mouse-pad is imprinted with your palm, and your wrist feels the beginnings of carpal-tunnel. But you don't care because you just won a roll for an epic item and upgraded your spec.

Does any of this make sense? If so, you may very well be a gamer.

I remember using words like, "gosu, pwn, n00b, 1337, gg, ww, plz" and others. My language was a textually-based pidgin English, and my grammar didn't include commas, periods, or anything else. I typed fast, and all at once. I typed to get the msg thru.

Nowadays, I lame it up with SNES and a can of cola, playing pixilated 8-bit, 16-bit, sometimes 64-bit, systems with cartridges and cable-adapters. (My television is too advanced for them.)

What is gamer culture? Who is a gamer?

[This guy is!]

The culture is based around quite a plethora of things which used to be uncool, and then became cool once they became profitable and subverted by mainstream hipsters. From anime to Duck Hunt, from Magic the Gathering to DoD to ComicCon to Carl's Junior to Cosplay to LAN parties to pulp, the influences go on & on & on.

Gamers originally were nerds, dorks, dweebs, geeks, losers, brains, spazes, skaters, mathletes, and otaku. They were the social outcasts, the guys who couldn't get a girl, and girls who never attracted any guys. They were, they are, the strangest of the strange, and the weirdest of the weird.

We like reading Wheel of Time at 3 in the morning and then writing an essay in some tragically-random forum about a minor character in book 5.

Now, however, I've had to give up that life. I had to grow up. That is to say, I had to assume responsibilities that made gaming difficult to keep up with. Being a super-gamer is awesome, but unless your career involves that sort of thing, it's hard to incorporate it into your daily-life. The lifestyle had moved on in a different direction than I did. Besides, only rich kids can spend six hours gaming, because they don't have class, work, and girlfriends/boyfriends.

But nonetheless, I can see it out the corner of my eye, and know that someday well run into each other again.


Until then... le sigh. It's nostalgia time.


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Lex said...

Oh dear god...I understood most of that first part. I love video games, nothing like getting lost in one.