Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things I've Never Done

A list in brief:

1. Eaten a pear

2. Ridden in a limousine

3. Bungee-jumped

4. Played Starcraft II

5. Been to Chicago


15 footnotes:

Mira said...

Why do I get the feeling that the point of the post is summarized in the last sentence?

The fact that you did visit Chicago, after all...

Zek J Evets said...

haha, indeed!

Natasha W said...

You've never eaten a pear before?

Now that is just strange.

Zek J Evets said...

@natasha: is it really?

Natasha W said...

Yes, very, very strange. You didn't go to high school/college, at least? I thought every school had fruit bowls in their dining halls. Or you just decided you weren't going to eat one?

Zek J Evets said...

my high school didn't have fruit bowls... haha. what kinda shmancy school did you go to?

Jasmin said...

Cosign on the fruit bowls in the dining halls! That's the first way you can tell a school is fancy--it's called a "dining hall" and not a "cafeteria". :-)

Zek J Evets said...

@jasmin: haha, this is true!

Natasha W said...

Lol. I didn't go to a fancy hgih school, and mine didn't actually have fruit bowls, but I know most of the private high schools in the area did. But yes, my college had multiple dining halls with fruit bowls in most of them. I thought this was the norm? I saw fruit bowls at every college I went to, even schools which wouldn't be called schmancy by any measure. They can't be feeding students just junky foods.

Yup, everything was called ____ Hall at my school. Even the dorms were called residence halls and the RAs and tour guides were told to only call them residence halls.

Zek J Evets said...

@natasha: wow... well, certainly my college has fruit available -- but you have to pay for it. i'm not much for spending any more money than i absolutely have to on regular everyday things. (expenses can rack up when you're a working student.)

in high school our main food in the cafeteria were tater-tots and fries. also we had soda machines if you were thirsty.

at my college there's lots of great food, but it's so expensive that i'd just rather save my money on healthy food from home.

iunno though, something about "fruit bowls" conjure the idea of renaissance painters, dark oak universities with wealthy alums, and expensive grocery stores.

Anonymous said...


Me too! And were all of the halls named after the person who paid for it?

Side note: My last boyfriend went to Michigan State, and they had the crappiest cafeterias ever. The students cooked the food, and it was nasty! And no fruit bowls!

Natasha W said...

Zek, you have to pay for fruit? It doesn't come with the meal plan? That's just evil.

Jasmin, yes! Lol. Or some significant alumus.

Students cooking food? What kind of torture...? Most students can't even toast their bagels correctly in the morning.

Zek J Evets said...

@natasha: meal plan? i live off-campus, so no meal plan for me! haha, i'm a working student, so those kinds of benefits are a little too expensive for me. i buy my own groceries.

students cooking food isn't that bad actually. many students cook the food at my college -- and they're quite good at it! culinary arts students naturally make the best stuff though, but everybody does a fair job.

Natasha W said...

Zek, oh, I see. I still think fruit should be free. Most of the fruit at my school didn't get eaten anyway, and was thrown away.

Culinary students? That would be good. My college didn't have any culinary students, or any other trade for that matter. Just people who know how to use their brain for academics and nothing else. Hence my distrust of students preparing even my cereal.

Anonymous said...


My then-boyfriend's roommate worked in the dining hall. I certainly didn't want to eat anything prepared after having seen his underwear on the floor!