Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What The Hell Racism!?

I don't watch Fox News, mostly because of that tricky misspelling of their name (which should really be "Faux News") however, sometimes, the insanity on that network exceeds even my vast intellectual abilities to rationalize, and then I can't help but stare in zombified amazement at the excrement.

This is especially obvious with regards to Bill O'Reilly. Sure, Glenn Beck has more classic "evil" tendencies -- especially when he talks about socialism, or President Obama -- but I've always found that O'Reilly is more hilariously ignorant.

Exhibit A:

Yes, he really did just say that a black man, looked like a cocaine dealer. And not just any random black man, but a black professor, who happens to teach at Columbia University.

But that wasn't even the first thought in my head. The first thing I thought was: "wait, how does Bill know what a cocaine dealer looks like?" The second thing I thought was: "OH SHIT NAH HE DIDN'T!"

Le sigh. Faux News coming out for the win that time. I can tell Rupert Murdoch is really trying to hard to give us "fair and balanced" information... And is that a burning cross I see behind O'Reilly's eyes?

In the words of Marilyn Manson, "Welcome to the dope show."


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Mira said...

Is that remark supposed to be funny?

What was the guy thinking... ?

"And you look like a cocaine user!" lol

'Kalos' said...

Wow. Im not sure i'f I should laugh or feel discouraged. May I borrow this video lol

Zek J Evets said...

@mira: i don't think it's supposed to be funny... it just is because it's so messed-up. i almost can't believe he said it. almost.

@kalos: feel free to borrow/steal ;)

Mira said...

True, it looks like he wasn't even thinking, he simply said what was on his mind.

I couldn't believe the professor managed to remain cool. Maybe he's used to crap like this?

Anonymous said...

Mira--probably. Here's a related post (by a blogger I really like, btw).

Mira said...

Thanks for the link, Jasmin! It does seem like an interesting blog full of quality content.

Now, I must admit I'm not really into men in suits... But Marc Lamont Hill... mmmm.

Now, as much as I'm sadened by the "cocaine dealer" incident, I'm glad I found out about this professor. I must explore his work. And he's incredibly handsome- one really hot antrhopologist ... I mean, I'd vote for him tommorrow in Abagond's "most gorgeous black man" poll.

Zek J Evets said...

@mira: the website,, actually has lots of great articles -- not just about race either. as for the professor, i'm not sure i follow the sudden interest in his attractiveness, haha.

Mira said...

Oh yes, I explored that website a bit, but there are so many great articles that it's impossible to read even the most popular ones in a day!

As for professor's hotness, well, that's just... I know it's a bad thing to watch an insulting clip that should encourage people to talk about racism and instead noticing how handsome dr Hill is. But in my defense, I didn't bring that up in my first comments, I stayed on topic.

PS-Needles to say, "exploring his work" has nothing to do with his physical appearance. I swear. I can see "some" try to present him as "controversial", so I bet it's gonna be an interesting read.

Anonymous said...


There's nothing wrong with noticing fineness along with brains. ;-)