Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Likeable Things

We should all remember the things we enjoy in life.

Not the big things, not the ideals or philosophies we follow, not our religion, not our politics, not even the Great Pumpkin. (Well, maybe the Great Pumpkin.) Khalil Gibran tells us this. Soren Kierkegaard tells us this. Goethe tells us this. Lao Tzu tells us this. Great minds who do not think alike speak similarities that should be obviously important for all the humility those selfsame similarities do possess.

Enjoy the money in your pocket. Enjoy the diploma on your wall. Enjoy the ring on your finger. Enjoy the food in your fridge. Enjoy the pictures you've framed. Enjoy the music on your ears, the words crossing your eyes, and enjoy the multitudinous things which seem infinitesimally small.

This post is dedicated to the things I want to remember and enjoy. Feel free to share yours in the comments.

1. Jack Johnson.

2. Egg-fried rice with roast-beef slices, pickles, and a coke.

3. The Boondocks.

4. Afternoons naps.

5. Graffiti art in North Beach.

6. Girlfriends.

7. Bi-polar, quicksilver, changeable San Francisco weather.


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