Friday, May 7, 2010

News Feed Down the Chute

Courtesy of [Democracy Now!] Your eccentric bloghaust has found himself back "in the know" again. Since cable-television is a luxury to me in my college days, I've kind of lost touch with the world outside classrooms, text-books, and occasional Daily Show reruns.

However! Now I am reuniting with the greater goings-on, and feel obliged to post/comment on a few of the more astonishing stories I've discovered in the past few days.

1. EXCLUSIVE...Secret Recording of Erik Prince Reveals Previously Undisclosed Blackwater Ops

Jeremy Scahill reveals yet another Blackwater scandal, implicating the mercenary-group in violating the Geneva Conventions again, as well as the twisted mindset of the founder, Erik Prince. The report is a DN! exclusive and raises a lot of important points about our foreign policy... as well as dangerous, and frightening implications for our future as a country.

2. Protests in Greece in Response to Severe Austerity Measures in EU, IMF Bailout

Due to the danger of Greece defaulting on its debt (and thus being forced off the Euro) the EU and IMF have decided to bailout the country, and in exchange impose neoliberal economic standards on them. Naturally this has pissed-off most of the population, as the changes would include reducing real wages, higher taxes to common goods, and cutting other so-called "extraneous" parts of Greece's national budget, which mostly impoverish lower-class workers. The EU and IMF, along with the World Bank, have a long history of ruining countries in the name of economic stability. It'll be interesting to see how the issue will develop in Greece.

3. BP Oil Spill Worsens With No Solution in Sight, 210,000 Gallons a Day Spew into Gulf of Mexico

In a twist of irony, the oil spill in the Gulf occurred on Earth Day due to a storm, and now has reached the U.S. coast. The whole situation is being called one the worst (if not the worst) industrial-environmental disaster in American history. Even more so than the Exxon-Valdez. In a region already wracked with turmoil from Katrina, FEMA corruption, and other disasters, this latest tragedy can only be described as just fucking ridiculous.

Anyhoo, that's the news!


2 footnotes:

Jasper said...

Riots in Kyrgyzstan are no joke.

Zek J Evets said...

they aren't? damn. i need a new punchline.