Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In The News Today

I've recently been taking my lunch-break between classes in the Caesar Chavez dining hall on campus, which is the only place where I can watch free TV. The choices are news-channels, or ESPN. I pick the news.

So far this week isn't looking too good for the world. What's happening recently?

Arizona passes new law to allow officers to stop people suspected of being illegal immigrants and demand proof of residency. Many Arizona politicians think it will help stop illegal immigration. Most people think it will lead to racial profiling. Read more about this growing issue at the [Huffington Post].

Two of Chicago's state representatives called for Illinois governor Pat Quinn to bring in the national guard to combat the growing crime problem along the North and West sides of the city. 113 homicides have occurred this year (so far), with seven of those just last week. The number is higher than American casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. However, some believe a military solution is inappropriate to a policing-issue. Read more about this at the [Breaking News Center].

Finally, my last bit of newsworthy information... Obama goes to Iowa in a bid to drum-up support for his plans to reform Wall Street and, by association, the entire financial/economic sector. Around the country, and across party-lines, people can agree that the economy needs help. However, many GOP's, hoping to win in the midterm elections, have begun delaying debate on this issue. Check out [CNN's coverage of this issue at their website].

Well folks, that's all I've got! (For now.) Stay-tuned as the Zeitgeist innovates. Meanwhile, enjoy this clip!


4 footnotes:

Melanie's Randomness said...

I think that's a horrible law in Arizona. I'm a quarter Spanish, I look a lil spanish, tho I was born here & my dad was born here they could stop me & it would be okay??? I have a problem with that. I'm totally not going to Arizona any time soon.

That's a ridicolous number in Chicago. My God woa!!

Zek J Evets said...

basically the law stipulates that if an officer has suspicion of a person being an illegal immigrant, they may act on that suspicion to detain them, arrest them, fine them, and other methods outlined in the law. it's pretty fucking ridiculous. so is the situation in chicago too.

Mira said...

It's a clear sign of paranoia.

Today Arizona, tomorrow... Who knows? Not to mention the law would help racial profiling and make racism, xenophobia and general stupidity even more popular.

Zek J Evets said...

@mira: yep, and that's exactly what people are saying about it. unfortunately, the idiots in power are trying to woo a vocal minority of the country in the hopes that it'll appease a base they don't realize doesn't actually exist. sadly, my country is too easily distracted by television shows and faux-issues.