Saturday, March 13, 2010

Songs you can't find on iTunes

With the advent of piracy, mp3, iPods, and other techno-cultural changes, music these days hardly resembles the honest gigs of concert's past

Ya'll ever actually go to the record-store anymore? Actually, are there even record-stores left?

With the expansion of iTunes, Pandora, music-blogs, etc, it seems like music has become so far removed from community that the only way to hear it is by chance (probably because it was in a commercial).

Where do people even find music nowadays?

I remember when I was growing up, when we heard a song on the radio that was really awesome we'd get a blank-tape and wait obsessively for the station to play it again. When they did, we'd record that fucker and blast it with the bass treble up to the limit.

Then there were shows. Y'know, those concert-type things you had to pay to get into? My friends and I were often playing them, so the only good music I'd find through that method had to be on the bill along with us. But sometimes I'd go to a show to see a favorite band, and then discover one of the other acts really kicked ass. At that point I usually went to the merch-table and purchased an album/EP/T-shirt/sweaty guitar-strap/signed picture of the band in the nude...( Maybe not the last one.)

Now I find new music via soundtracks. Seriously, whether television or film, I barely ever find anything good that I don't first see in another medium. From 40 Year Old Virgin, I discovered Sondre Lerche. From Elizabethtown, I found The Concretes. From Californication, I first heard Blind Pilot. And from Chuck on NBC I was introduced to the beauty of Bon Iver.

However, outside of these small avenues, finding new music is a rarity. Despite my own varied adventures in the open-mic community of San Francisco, the random trolling of bands, blogs, and internet-radio, I find very little good music.

It makes me wonder what I'm missing out on in the wide world of invisible jams...

But anyways, here are a few songs that I've found which deserve a wider recognition (as well as a spot on iTunes so I can downloand them to my iPod!):

1. 103 (Myspace version), by Whispertown 2000

2. Living a Lie, by Daniel Zott

3. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It), from Pomplamoose Music version

4. Super Mario Theme Song (beat-box flute version), from Freedomworksfilms

5. Lola (LP version), by The Kinks

Cheers ya'll!

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