Monday, March 15, 2010

My Alternative World

What is it, you ask?

It is the world without normal. It is the world without what everyone else is that you are not. It is the world as it could be, should be, and is: strange, diverse, beautiful.

Aspects of the alternative world range from Rage Against The Machine to SuicideGirls; from DIY to Banksy; from Miyazaki to Zinn; from reconstructed cultural identity to radical militant political-economic philosophy. The alternative world lives as the true third option in this Donkey/or/Elephant existence.

People call revolution insurrection. They act like questions are accusations, as if claiming the rights I am guaranteed is somehow subversive. Is it? Is it really so threatening to the status quo to ask why things are the way they are, and then ask how we can change them for the better? Well, I guess so...

Seems like it really is dangerous to be an individual in our society, because nobody wants to hire an independent. Nobody wants a worker with opinions when all the structure cares about is going on like business as usual.

Well I ain't no goddamn cog in anybody's wheel well. This past semester has seen the trampling of my educational experience, and the loss of jobs -- including my own -- that enabled me to live a life in the so-called ideal "pursuit of happiness". (It might've worked for Will Smith, but this is reality.) This past year has seen the changing of my life, from personal exploitation to political, and from the opportunity to self-actualize to the opportunity to conform or starve.

But I will not go quietly to that form of death. I will make something of myself, become the writer I am inside to the world outside. I will become the collector of stories, from indigenous cultures in the Gobi desert to the urban legends of San Francisco. I will preserve the lives we never knew existed, written down as evidence that they actually happened, that the people, places and events are real.

I will retell the legends we forget.

 My alternative world is the myth mixed with authentic. My alternative world is the fact taken with fiction. My alternative world is the lie used to tell the truth which expose the greater lies surrounding our lives and keeping us from realizing that sad reality that our world does not belong to us...

Yet one day, humanity will take back itself, and become compassionate. Ancient rivers will flow again. Old crack heal into new skin. These days will bleed into new centuries of beauty.

At least, that is my dream.

***Author's Note: maps courtesy of imaginative individuals rethinking the world.***

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