Saturday, February 27, 2010


Please, for your web-surfing pleasure, I have prepared this selection of Stuffs Frum Te InterWebs.

Clap your hands, say, "YEAH!"


 For some people, this really is necessary.

Sidewalk graffiti makes me smile when it's happy/hopeful like this.

It's getting really hard to define yourself these days. Identity qualifiers seem more like math equations than your humanity.


The doom of all middle-America couples. At least, it seems that way.

Just wanna say, Gawd bless the religious tramp-stamp.

I knew there was a reason the Gordita Crunch tasted funny...

Autobot worship anyone?

This makes me wish I still played with Hot Wheels. Ye mighty lords of dorks and dweebs alike this is a cool track setup!

And, finally, a video for ya'll to peruse, to watch and enjoy. So enjoy it!


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