Saturday, February 13, 2010

Start Your Own Rebellion

The internet never ceases to surprise me. Where else can you find the amalgamations of cartoons, hip-hop, and revolutionary aesthetic that exists within this alternative world:

Reminiscent of Deltron 3030, and with obvious indebtedness to virtual bands like Gorillaz, the group known as S.Y.O.R. takes a post-apocalyptic scenario of culture jamming corporate totalitarian states to a new level of inventiveness, incorporating comics, fashion, music, and even film. Through this disparate media a holistic world is discovered, with a group of characters that are as much Japanese anime as they are urban American youth.

The overarching storyline is similar in many respects to emocore band Coheed and Cambria's concept albums depicting the plot of a series of comic books called, The Amory Wars written by the group's lead singer. But while C&C keeps the music separate from the comic, S.Y.O.R. does not -- and that is the important uniqueness.

To connect all these myriad art-forms into a full thematic presentation is not only difficult, but also very fucking difficult. Few artists are good at more than one discipline, and that S.Y.O.R. utilizes four is impressive. And they do it without overextending their abilities, keeping the tracks dope, the films slick, the art sharp, and the merch worth purchasing.

Let me give you a breakdown of the setting:

"Our story starts out with a huge explosion coming from the First International Census Bureau.
Behind the smoke and flames stand four guys calling themselves S.Y.O.R. They proclaimed that they came to free the world from the government, encouraged people to remove their civilian chips and live free.
The problem with this was that most people didn't really have a problem with the government. Things have been this way for so many generations that people have forgotten what life was like before Cozack Corporation came into power.

700 years ago, a man by the name of Kerry Cozack came from out of nowhere. His emergence marked the end of the period known as the second dark ages.

Cozack eventually managed to become the world's first global president. He ran uncontested for 23 years with the aid of his Cozack Corp and upon his death he managed to transfer his consciousness into a super computer he constructed. He controls today's Global Presidents through the Cozack Memory Program (advanced version of civilian chip with Kerry's consciousness embedded in it, its host is possessed by Kerry).

The members of S.Y.O.R know first hand the evil of Cozack Corp. Member Raith Porter a.k.a Maza and Adrien Arthur-Smith a.k.a Kid.Digit-ΓΈ have both lost their entire families to the Corp. Ceddy (known to the Corp as Subject One) has lost knowledge of his past and has been turned into a beast by Cozack Corp's project Evolve. 07017, (an former assassin/spy for the Corp) was attacked and left for dead by members of his own outlaw faction (The Gear Locks). This attack was orchestrated by Cozack Corp. The Gear Locks consisted of a group of robots enhanced by an advanced version of the civilian chip. They disbanded from the Corp. The Corp's hand in his hit was part of an elaborate plan to weaken the Gear Locks by destroying its leader thus allowing one less qualified to take his place.

S.Y.O.R came together as a way to exact revenge. They were no different from the hundreds of other groups out there who all formed as a way to get back at the world government/Cozack Corp. They vandalized property, destroyed government buildings, and a slew of other things to make their presence known.

On one fateful day, Maza stumbled upon a time capsule containing music, books, movies, and other relics from the past. In this time capsule was also a letter that shed some light as to how things became the way they were. The last few words of that letter gave them the name they go by now. 'Start Your Own Rebellion'.

They are more focused then ever about getting this word out and bringing about an end of the Cozack Corp."

 And thus begins the story of S.tart Y.our O.wn R.ebellion. I hope ya'll will check 'em out, they come [hghly rcmmndd]

Here's the OFFICIAL site: [Start Your Own Rebellion]

***Author's Note: big-ups to Yoira for starting the rebellion.***

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