Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Silent Majority

This is directed to the cynical mess that makes up my generation. Got their stunna' shades on, and pretensions of indifference simulate a contrived persona who tries hard to seem like they don't give a shit, smoking their Parliaments and listening to the latest Grizzly Bear EP.

This is directed to the hot mess that makes up the women I've met. Wearing themselves down on purpose to look worn-out, but realize that only looks good for about five seconds. Then, crow's feet, and emaciated veins, and more cosmetics to cover up the last gasp of their real beauty.

This is directed to the cruel mess that makes up the guys I've known. Drunks, cheaters, gamblers, junkies, and sinners all -- telling lie after lie to hide behind their own ineffectual existence. Made plans, then abandoned them. Claimed to love more women than they really did, or loved more women than they claimed.

This is directed to the lost, the cruel, the woe-begotten, the pessimists pretending they're realists, the activists who want to change the world but never actually try to, the artists that drown in their own impotence, the users that ultimately die alone, and all members of my degeneration from sea to tainted sea.

This is for a silent majority to recognize that you are not alone. Life isn't shit, love really exists, and don't worry about the world ending today because it's already tomorrow in Australia.

3 footnotes:

Melanie's Randomness said...

For alot of Valentine's days I used to put on my Aim away message "I'm in Australia til further notice" Well I apparently have some stupid friends who didn't get the joke. I got tons of calls like When did you go???? You didn't tell me?? Wait...I saw you last night...huh??? lol.

Great post. Your right, people are not alone in this drama. That picture is so funny & so true!!

MKL said...

Great post, very powerful.

I think our generation is one of the lost-est, if that's even possible to say. We're defined by online profiles, image is so important these days. What happened to rap music since the 80's? What happened to rock? It seems it's non-existent. Pop and money rule the world, MTV has become Money TV.

I may be a little cynical, because I'm part of all that, too. But I do admire people who break the routine and do something extraordinary. Guess what, most of us do, because stories like that are tweeted and blogged about the most.

I guess those 10% of internet trolls had fun with me recently -_-

Zek J Evets said...

@melanie: haha, that's funny, but oh-so sad. best to not let those friends know about it.

@mkl: yeah, i saw that post on your blog. it's so pathetic that people really have nothing better to do than talk judgmentally about people they don't even know.

forget the haters, and don't use disclaimers about yourself. be honest, even if others laugh.

don't let the bastards grind you down.!