Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Artistic Masturbation

Sorry if this is totally pathetic and predictable, but I've got another poem of mine I'd like to post and share with you.

It's still kind of rough, but I like that it was inspired from a text-message I wrote! (And an E.E. Cummings poem I like.) Hopefully ya'll enjoy it, but if you don't... Balls

Lustful Instants of Love

I love your body when it is with my body
when we are cuddle wonderful together
between orgasm and sleep the strokes of fingers
traced across hip-bones make elegant figure-eights
that speak some unintelligible words
whispered like you whisper

closer and closer till tangle-twisted beneath the sheets
of a bed, any bed, where we can live
like Egyptian-cotton paupers
begging momentary touches of skin to skin
and lips to lips and our blood flows

quicksilver we can't catch
the sensation of falling into each other
impossibly close as halves can get
separated by the frailest thread of infinitesimal space
and there you will find me, floating
inside a bursting bubble that is constantly transforming
a star, a sun, a crescent moon
a blanket of heaven's architecture
but that bed is covered
and we are together

7 footnotes:

Anonymous said...

No one commented! Well I like it. :-)

Zek J Evets said...

@jasmin: i know! strange... maybe they're just so in awe they can't think of anything to say?

glad you like it =)

Mira said...

Don't hate your readers. It's not like we didn't read it. I know how important is to hear what people think of your writing... But not many people would know what to say.

Poetry is the hardest and most demanding of all literary genres and I admire anyone who is good at it.

Yoira said...

"between orgasm and sleep the strokes of fingers
traced across hip-bones make elegant figure-eights that speak some unintelligible words
whispered like you whisper..."

BEAUTIFUL. You've taken scrambled thoughts in my mind and have turned them into poetry.

I envy.

Zek J Evets said...

@mira: apologies! not intending to hate on the readers. i understand if people feel disinclined to comment on things. i'm surprised i've gotten as many comments as i have recently.

for a poem, i don't think there's much to say unless you're a literary/creative-writing student.

however, any criticisms are appreciated, as i am always working to improve my craft.

@yoira: haha, aww, don't envy. i totally have stolen from better writers than i to infuse my language with meaning. (but not by plagiarizing.)

you can do it too! maybe in a different sense or way, but anyone can be an artists if you only have the discipline to practice.

anyhoo, thanks for the props! =)

Mira said...

Well, I know what is like to write something, pick up the courage to actually show it to people, prepare for the critics... And then nothing.

I write, but I am a lousy poet. I just know it's not for me, I could never create a good poetry. I don't know how to use words in such a powerful manner. I write novels, and my biggest problem is to learn how to say what I want in as little words as possible (as you can see, I have the same problem when writing comments).

That's why I find short stories and poetry fascinating. Especially poetry, which is the most demanding. You must be sharp, intelligent and able to express yourself in only a few words. And those words must be the powerful ones.

I love criticizing/reviewing other people's work, not because I think I'm smart enough to do it, but because I believe in power of reading the text and deconstruction.

The poem is sensual, but it also nostalgic in a way.

You are talented. Do you write stories?

Zek J Evets said...

@mira: thank-you for your kind words. an artist is always appreciative of a little recognition.

poetry is not as demanding as any other form of writing (fiction, play-writing, etc.) but it is often difficult for those who are already practiced in other styles.

i do also write short-stories, and have begun a novella-length work which languishes in the depths of the bowels of my computer. mostly i try to accumulate as much little pieces of writing as i can, so that someday i can fit them all together into something grand and beautiful.