Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cyberpunk Ramble

Description: After a long day of sucking on the teet of capitalism by interviewing for a job at an accounting firm, I came to the conclusion that with my white collar, my white skin, and my dangling you-know-whats... I was The Man. This lead to a ramble on the nature of "plugging in" to society, whether in an economic sense, political sense, or even a metaphysical sense. From the internet to Ghost in the Shell, blurred lines cloud the point I was trying to make, which is... I have no idea.

***Note: video not uploaded thru YouTube due to length, and my disinclination to re-record***

7 footnotes:

Anonymous said...

Don't take this the wrong way, but you're kind of a dork. I love that.

Anyway, I won't judge you for going corporate. Everybody has to make a living. The price of being one's own (wo)man is way too steep. I quite enjoy steady pay and health coverage, thankyouverymuch. ; )

Anonymous said...

I didn't listen; I just ogled. Hotness.

Zek J Evets said...

@hawkmom: haha, no offense taken. i am something of a dork... /dweeb/geek/nerd.

and i don't feel *too* bad about going corporate when their paychekcs fund my culture-jamming art.

@jasmin: you would =P

Yoira said...

I think those were the best 11 minutes & 43 seconds(?) of my day. I've been thinking about the topic for a while, so much so that I've been going on serious social networking withdrawals lately.

I am no longer human. Due to the internet, I feel like I have physically lost touch with other people & the worst part is, sometimes I don't even care. Of course, there are times when I just need to get the fuck out of here.

But the internet does give you something. It virtually connects you with people you can not reach by any other means.

I guess it's true then. Fuck kissing, hugs, and sex, when you have

:-*, ((hugs)), and (()) + <=======8

Zek J Evets said...

@yoira: i agree, the internet is a great connector, but the irony of technology is that as it accomplishes the goal we intended, the opposite effect is also established. fax machines, copiers, and computers allow us to do more in a day, but yet we now work longer days.

we have the internet, cell-phones, email, and video-chat to bring us closer than ever before, from family or friends, to people we've never met. but somehow the feeling of disconnection is more prevalent now than ever.

i guess i like the internet because it's allowed me a greater freedom of self-expression, and connected me to myriad people i wouldn't have ever met otherwise. but nonetheless, i recognize that - like all things - there are negative effects to the positive ones.

glad you enjoyed my video -)

Mira said...

This got me intrigued, but unfortunately, I don't have any sound decides on this computer so I have no idea what was this all about.

So, why posting a comment? Well, I must say the introduction sounds interesting, and so are other people's comments.

Hey, it's really simple. In order to survive, you must eat, pay bills etc. So nothing wrong with going corporate. However, it can be damaging to an artist. On one hand, it can make you even more productive. But some people do react differently.

I am not saying it's a bad thing to do, though. It's not enjoyable thing for me to do, but it's, well, necessary.

Andruba said...

Thank you for the dedication. But you, my friend, have turned into corporate america. The tie is what killed me. When you said seriously, I seriously believed you (go figure). But wow. You've changed. new gf, new job, new life, new car? ok maybe not new car. maybe? anyways, keep on keepin on my friend. see ya soon.