Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Humble Blogger's Request

This post is for the lurkers.

Come out from behind the shadows of your computer screen! Leave comments! Make suggestions for content! And even more importantly... Become official "followers" of my blog!

If you scroll down to the bottom and look at the View Count, you'll notice an interesting trend of many many hits, but very few publicly admit to reading.

This makes me sad! (Very sad.) Ya'll need to start participating in this blogscene, or else it'll get real dull real quick. (Well, maybe not for me, but possibly/probably for you!) The whole point of Saboteur Academia is to get some saboteur academics! To get people interested in the alternative world and foster a sense of community in this off-kilter existence.

So, please, stop lurking and start participating! I want to spend hours debating obscure things over the internet with you.


11 footnotes:

Mira said...


This is my second visit to your blog (I think?) I found it via Jasmin's blog.

Your blog does seem interesting and I'll take my time to read your older posts. I am not sure if I could follow you without blogspot account (I have one, but the blog isn't my main one). My website is I can add you to the blogroll, maybe that's a better idea.

Andruba said...

Dude! How the hell can you have almost a quarter million hits and only 42 followers? Got a lot of fans but not many followers I'm guessing.

Jasmin said...

Look how I'm bringing you some "blog business"! I guess this makes up for not selling one of your books. :-P

Zek J Evets said...

@mira: awesome! glad to have ya. i've bookmarked your page for further inspection as well.

hope you enjoy the scene here at ZSA.

@tuba: seriously dude! i think i'm getting more randoms than anything. but i always wonder who exactly is looking... do i have any cyber-stalkers? ahh, such questions.

@jasmin: haha, you think so, huh? pssh! books = money. blog comments = entertainment. you still owe me something... ; )

Zek J Evets said...

@jasmin: also! why aren't you a follower of my blog yet??

Jasmin said...

Owe you something, hmm? I'll make you breakfast. :-P

And I am a follower! You are in my blog dashboard--yours was the first blog I ever followed. :-)

Zek J Evets said...

@jasmin: what? but you must an anonymous follower then, because you're not on my blogger "list" of followers...

breakfast would be nice, i guess =)

Mira said...

I am adding you to my blogroll! But I must warn you: my blog is just a personal one, and I hate writing about personal stuff. Which basically means my website doesn't have a theme, I rarely blog about any serious issues and I don't blog regularly.

MKL said...

I guess your blog is a source of information and many people get redirected here from Google. Do you comment a lot on other blogs? If not, then that's the most common way to increase your followers.

Good luck :)

MKL said...

Oh, and I noticed you disabled the feed. If that's on purpose, then it's your choice. If not, then it's good you enable it, because people like to follow blogs in Google Reader.

To enable, you sign in to your blog, then settings -> site feed -> blog post feed change from none -> short or full.

Zek J Evets said...

@mkl: i try to comment as much as i can, but there really isn't time to follow-up on all those conversations, and i hate being over-extended. however, i'll try to be more proactive on the blogs i follow, thanks.

also, the site feed should be enabled for google reader. if it isn't working for, i'm not sure what to say except try refreshing or readding my blog? many of my follows still get this in their reader, so i have no idea what the problem might be.

and i've added you to my blogroll as well, by the way.